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My Pathetic Attempt to Control My Life

Hey Internet! If I were sitting across a table at Starbucks from you right now, I would sigh a big sigh and say, “Life… Amiright?” Because life, Internet… Amiright?

Ok. So sometimes life totally throws me. I will be going about my day thinking about how excited I am for grad school or how awesome cats are or whether or not I can pull off hipster glasses and then all of a sudden life happens and I realize how little control I have over the world (shocking, I know).

Of course, when this happens all I want to do is find a way to control my life (something so destined for failure its almost not even funny… almost). I just want so badly to trick myself into thinking I can control stuff because it sounds easier than just accepting the fact God’s plan is better than mine, even when I don’t understand it.

So instead of doing the healthy thing and trying to accept what I cannot change (is that what they say in AA? Does this make me sound like a alcoholic?), I do things like watching this THIRTY MINUTE video about how this chick arranges her planner:

Thirty minutes guys. I watched the entire thing and then decided I NEEDED some of these stickers and spent about an hour on Etsy favoriting a ton of them so I could eventually buy them and THEN MY LIFE WOULD BE A-OK….. It’s funny when people are wrong isn’t it?

It occurred to me while I was scrolling through HUNDREDS OF STICKERS that maybe (just MAYBE) this was a subconscious ploy on my part to put off dealing with real life, BUT THE STICKERS! THEY CALL TO ME!!!

Ironically, no one on Etsy make stickers for your planner that say “Hey crazy! It’s time for therapy!”** They make speech therapy stickers and physical therapy stickers and occupational therapy stickers. They make dentist stickers (I NEED THESE) and doctors stickers and vaccination stickers, but no “life is hard, get thee to therapy” stickers. Why is this?! They have have “order your pills” stickers and “change your contacts” stickers and “you have your period” stickers. But they never think that maybe if somebody is obsessively sticker-ing their planner that maybe (just MAYBE) that person may also be in therapy because LIFE IS HARD? C’mon Etsy!!

So the moral is this: life is hard and I don’t get to be in control of it, but I still REALLY want some of these stickers because I am really bad at organization and these could maybe (just MAYBE) help with that a little? Maybe? Or am I just making excuses at this point? What do you think, Internet?

What are your coping skills when life gets to be LIFE…amiright?

**Just a disclaimer, I DON’T think therapy is for crazy people. This is hyperbole. Obvi. (At least I hope it is Obvi).

Five On Friday |Hippity Hoppity

…Easter’s on its way!!!

Hello Lovies! How are we today? I am THRILLED that it is Friday. The weeks are flying by! It’s like I am going along minding my own business and all of a sudden “HEY! IT’S THURSDAY!” and I have to start thinking about my week so I can blog about it!

I don’t know about you, Internet, but when time is flying by so fast I find it really truly very hard to do recap posts because nothing seems to have happened – I just blinked and it was the end of the week!

I need to work on that.

This week seemed  fairly boring when I sat down to write this – there was one BIG blog-worthy moment, but that will be coming on Monday. Get your bodies ready internet. It’s gonna be good.  – But after some soul searching, I remembered some fun things to write about!


Peter and the Starcatcher.
OH MY GOSH INTERNET!!!! My mom and I saw Peter and the Starcatcher this weekend and IT. WAS. AMAZING. I have been waiting for 2 years for this show to go on tour and come to Chicago and IT FINALLY DID AND IT WAS SOSOSOSOSO GOOD! It is a play that serves as a prequel to Peter Pan and examines how a nameless boy became Peter Pan. Everything was SO GOOD – The story, the acting, the play as a whole piece of theater. Now, I LOVE  me some Peter Pan, and this show went above and beyond all expectations. I am desperate to see it again, but I think I will just have to hold out hope that one day I will be able to.

Peter and The Starcatcher
Unrelated: does anyone have a connection in the bootlegged-broadway-videos-market? I’m asking for a friend.


Marry Poppins
Well this was just a theater-filled weekend! My mom and grandparents, and grandparent’s friends went to see a regional production of Mary Poppins in Wisconsin this weekend. I’ve never seen the stage version of the show, and this one was certainly unique. The theater we went to has a small theater in the round stage, and it was interesting to see the way they pulled it off. The show was good, but was more closely based on the book than the movie. Since I think the movie is 100% PERFECTION, the musical made me kind of sad and nostalgic. But it was ok.


Ok Internet – I have a rainboot problem. I have the HARDEST time finding rain boots that fit me right and are comfortable. I desperately need a pair (my old pair was from Target and was uncomfortable and got a hole in them this weekend.)  As much as I covet a pair of Hunter Wellies I a) can’t afford a pair and b) I’m not sure they would fit me well anyway. I have weird feet issues that I won’t bother you with, but I am really at a loss. Do you ever have an important article of clothing you are desperate for, but you can never find one that works for you?  That is my relationship with rain boots.


Who is excited for Easter? I for one am a big fan of Easter – a) remembering Jesus’ death and resurrection is super important. b) Egg shaped candy. I FIRMLY believe that candy tastes better when shaped like an egg, and I will gladly go to the mat on that. Plus Cadbury eggs (in BOTH the mini and cream-filled variety) are my JAM. What are you hoping for in your Easter basket, Internet? Anything exciting?


If you missed my post on Tuesday about my second half of camping, I highly recommend that you click this link. It’s a doozy.

5 on Friday

So happy Friday Internet! I hope your weekend if filled with friends, family, chocolate and Jesus! As always thanks to our lovelt host-i-doodles: AprilDarciChristina, and Natasha.

Love, Liz