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A Haunting in Orlando

Hey Internet!

So it turns out this whole “Blogging and being in grad school” thing is harder than I originally thought. School is going pretty well, but when I am on campus (Aprox. 700000% of the time) I try to be as school-productive as I can be and then when I go home all I want to do is binge watch Netflix and snuggle with the cats. I was hoping to make my weekends my “blog times,” but when I feel incredibly behind on something I have a very bad habit of just putting it off more (hence the HUNDREDS of unread posts in my bloglovin’ feed).  I ALSO tend to stop writing when my boglovin’ feed has too many unread posts in it. Basically it comes down to me being a bad blogger. #sorrynotsorry.

ANYWAY, not a ton is going on – but one weird this is going on. I think my arm is haunted.

The other day I woke up and noticed I had some long scratches on my upper arm, I’m not a sleep scratcher so I thought it was a little weird, but I just went with it until later when I noticed some small bruises near the scratches. And I DEFINITLY couldn’t remember doing anything to warrant arm bruising. They were little – the kind you may get from an angry mosquito, but they didn’t itch so it was weird. At this point I was a little worried that my arm may be haunted, but I tried to be rational, because I am a VERY rational and NOT AT ALL neurotic person. I mean, I’m getting a master’s degree in math-y stuff, so clearly I am GREAT at being logical. BUT THEN I was sitting on the couch and Adorabeezle was all “what happened to your arm?” And pointed at the back of my arm/shoulder region. And I was like “WHAT? WHAT HAPPENED TO MY ARM? WHAT IS IT? MY ARM IS HAUNTED!!!!” And I ran to the bathroom mirror and it turns out that it was a bright purple quarter-sized bruise and that’s when I started screaming that my armed need an exorcism.

I told Adorabeezle that she was in charge of finding me an old priest and a young priest because she is my resident Catholic down here. And then she pointed out that she didn’t think I knew how exorcism works. And then I told her that I was pretty sure that’s how it worked in the Exorcist, but then I had to admit that I had never actually SEEN the exorcist, but I was still pretty confident that that is what happened based on being a human that exists in the world, but then Adorabeezle was all “Your arm isn’t haunted, you just bruise easily.” Which is EXACTLY what the ghost in my arm wants me to think, but I’M NOT FOOLED ARM GHOST!!!!

So BASICALLY if you know any priests (preferably one young one old) and you want to send them my way, my arm and I would greatly appreciate it. I really just don’t want my story to turn into the next “A Haunting in…” franchise.

Hope you have a wonderful and not-at-all haunted weekend Internet!

The Story Behind The Best Song Ever

Hey Internet!

I hope you are having a fantastic week thus far! After Adorabeezle’s amazing playlist post yesterday, I decided to join you today with the backstory of what has become maybe the most important song of the Titanic (our apartment is name the Titanic, if you are new to these parts).

Once upon a time, during the fall semester of 2014, life was hard. I had classes every Monday – Thursday and was working for the Mouse Friday-Sunday, which means I had zero days off. Zero. Days. Off. It was hard and I was very tired. my Monday/Wednesday class was a 6-8 evening class and I had to be back on campus (an hour+ away) the next mornings at 7. Needless to say, some days the motivation was lacking.

On one such Monday I was having a really hard time getting myself to my evening class. I was tired and was in the middle of doing laundry and just was not having it. As I tend to do, I tried to pass off the “should-I-go-should-I-not?” question on Adorabeezle. I kept asking her what she would do if she we me, and to answer she broke into song:

“What would you do if your son was at home?
Crying all alone on the bedroom floor –
‘Cuz he’s hungry,
And the only way to feed him is to
Sleep with a man for a little bit of money.
And his daddy’s gone –
Somewhere smokin’ rock now –
In and out of lockdown.
I ain’t got a job now.
So for you this is just a good time, but for me this is what I call life.”

To me the message was clear: “You’re right. I should go.”

So I put on real pants and packed a dinner and was getting ready to leave when Adorabeezle realized I was about to abandon her for the rest of the evening. She told me that maybe she had sung too soon, and she didn’t really want me to leave. Again, she turned to song:

“Oh baby you – you got what I NEEEED!”

… I didn’t go to class that night, Internet. The power of song is REAL.

After that night, City High’s “What Would You Do” kind of became our anthem. We found ourselves constantly singing it to motivate ourselves. She added it to my Rock Dem Finals Playlist (one of us will share this GEM sometime soon). We even adapted it to more closely fit our lives***:


You know…. Normal texts to normal people. #AdorabeezleWinterpop #whatwouldYOUdo

A photo posted by Liz (@liz_tippy) on

***(This makes the most sense if you know that I work in research)

Do you and your friends have any special songs?

For your enjoyment:

Why I Didn’t Blog Today

Hello Internet! I feel as though I was just here waxing on about how I was going to be better at my supposed blogging schedule, and I have already totally failed on that front. (I mean, technically it IS still Tuesday as I type this, but it’s 10:44 pm and that barely counts at all). Here is the thing – I got off work yesterday at 7 with all of these wonderful plans to blog about Adorabeezle Winterpop’s birthday last week (that’s my roommate for those of you new to these here parts). But I got home and all those plans were shot to hell and instead of editing pictures and recapping some magic, I decided it would be more fun to pitch Adrozbeezle and myself into a deep state of melancholy.

Let’s back up for a second.

When I got home from work Adorabeezle was watching the end of the latest Disney Fairies movie. I’m not going to ruin it for all you people who haven’t seen this straight-to-DVD -supposed treasure, but 15 minutes after I got home the movie ended and Adorabeezle was crying. No, crying isn’t exactly the right word. Sobbing. She was sobbing. I have never seen Adorabeezle cry so hard, and that’s saying something – she is an exhaustion-crier and she works for a very prominent mouse. We are always exhausted in this apartment. I have seen Adorabeezle cry during When Harry Met Sally because Billy Chrystal’s facial hair changed too drastically (that is another story for another time, but I’m sure she would want me to point out that she was VERY tired that night).  But this was not exhaustion-crying. This was legit emotional turmoil crying.

I wanted to make her feel better so I started scrolling through the Netflix. She couldn’t articulate what sort of movie she wanted to watch, and I was at a loss.

Then I saw it.

Right there in the Newly Added section.

The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio.

Guys. I love this movie. This is such a wonderful movie. I can’t even with this movie.  Julianne Moore, man. Julianne Moore entering jingle writing competitions to support her struggling family despite her TERRIBLE HUSBAND! It is a gem!  But here is the thing – this is a feel good movie in some aspects, and a total downer in others. It gives you ALL the feelings – from the warm fuzzies to the deep ennui. This movie wrecks me. So obvi, this movie was the PERFECT choice.*  Adorabeezle had never seen it and didn’t seem sure about it, but let’s be honest she wasn’t sure of much in her current emotional state, so I went with it.

A note about my relationship with The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio: I first saw it when I was living with the bestie. She introduced me to it and told me some of her sentimental reasons for loving it, and I adopted all of those reasons as well as her love of it. This movie holds a special place in my heart and it not only wrecks me with its wonderful story telling,  it wrecks me before I even press play. I start off the movie already half wrecked with nostalgia. Since it has such a profound impact of me, I don’t watch it often, but last night I felt the call, and I HAD to watch it.

So we watched The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio, and maybe it wasn’t the best timing… Adorabeezle liked it, because as previously stated it is a GEM, but…we were both kind of an emotional mess afterwards. And clearly I had not worked on anything for a blog post because who can edit pictures when Julianne Moore is being a gem in the background?! Nobody. That’s who. So I didn’t. And then I went to bed. And then I worked today. And then we watched Horns tonight (Staring my boy D-Rad) and it was…interesting…. And now I’m here, at 11:08, listening to the Pitch Perfect 2 soundtrack on Spotify and giving you some more excuses.

Sorry ’bout my life.

Have you ever seen The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio, Internet? It’s on Netflix!


*Note: Perfect may not be the best word for this scenario… but I had to!!

Six Confessions and a Giveaway

Hey Internet! Happy Tuesday! Or, more aptly happy LAST DAY OF THE SEMESTER! I just finished my last final and I am FREE…. Til grad school starts in August….

Anyway today I thought I’d bring you some good ole’ fashioned confessions from the last few weeks. Here we go!

I confess…

… That I spent A LOT of time avoiding studying yesterday. I did dishes and cooked things and made coffee and learned snapchat and did basically everything I could not to study. (It didn’t really matter. The test went well).

… That we have 42 (yes I counted) empty wine bottles in our apartment. Soon to be 44. Our apartment doesn’t recycle and we don’t want to just toss them. Anyone know of a super easy (I’m talking THE MOST EASY) craft I can do with them. Remember, I can’t spray paint.

… That my first impulse after my final was over was to treat myself to Whole Foods or lunch. Best ever decision

… That I still have starburst jellybeans in my pantry.

… That my apartment is a mess and it’s all my fault. I’ve just been leaving books and papers and mail and shopping bags everywhere. Tomorrow is a cleaning day.

… I the spirit of yesterday, I have never seen Star Wars. And I have a lot of geek friends. I don’t know how I’ve managed it. That being said, I can tell you the names of most of the leading players, so that counts for something right?

… That I think you should enter this awesome giveaway:

katespadedeskYour workspace should always inspire and these dreamy, rose gold supplies and notepad definitely do the trick. Enjoy the stapler and tape dispenser (with fun idioms) to dress up any desk place. And use your cute pad for any kind of note.deskThese ladies joined me to giveaway these great Kate Spade items!theladiesAmanda | Suz | Liz | Brooke | Kerri
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a Rafflecopter giveaway
What are your confessions Internet?

An Open Letter to My Cat

Dear Cat,

I love you. You know I love you.
Remember that time when you were just a kitten and I picked you up at Petsmart and then I never let you go?
Or remember the time I stayed up holding you on the night of my college graduation because you had just been neutered and were in pain?
I give you as many toys as I can on my college girl budget and am doing best as a cat mom.  I love you cat, but if you keep waking me up at 3:45 in the morning for pets, I may accidentally murder you.
I love you forever,
Your momma

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