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How I Become A Basic White Girl Every Fall

Hey Internet! I hope you had a great labor day weekend! Over the FIVE DAYS I had off I began what has become an entirely inevitable transition that I go through every fall.

Every September as the weather begins to change (not where I live mind you – but somewhere – or so I am told), I become your classic basic white girl. I get out my scarves and my boots and I stop drinking iced coffee and switch to pumpkin spice lattes (ALWAYS hot, never iced). My hair finds itself in a constant top knot and everything orange and mustard yellow and pumpkin somehow makes it into my shopping cart. Fall candles are constantly burning. When I sleep, I dream of pumpkin patches.

My first pumpkin spice latte of the season #pumpkinspiceforlyfe

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This weekend Starbucks released the pumpkin spice latte and you can bet your boots I was there – I even got it fo’ free because I had earned a reward! Target also busted out there dollar section Halloween decorations and everything was wonderful. This weekend I made two batches of chili, two batches of butternut squash soup and a batch of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

Made a few batches of chili and butternut squash soup this weekend. Because Fall. A photo posted by Liz (@liz_tippy) on

The transformation has begun. Soon it will be nothing but Hocus Pocus and red wine up in this house.

Just as a sample of what it is like in my neck of the woods, this is what I bought at Target yesterday. (OF COURSE it was Target).

Basic White Girl 1 Basic White Girl 2 Basic White Girl 3

The best part? It was less than $20! The Pumpkin Spice Latte M&M’s are my JAM. They are seriously the best. And I cannot wait to try the pumpkin spice chai!

So, Internet, what are your favorite ways to celebrate the fall? Do you have any Basic White Girl tendencies this time of year?