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Five On Friday | Things I Have Learned From Winnie the Bish

Hey Internet! Happy Friday! I am smack dab in the middle of a FIVE DAY WEEKEND because sometimes life is GREAT. (Also because: Football. Thank you college football!!)

Anyway, today I wanted to come and tell you five things I have learned since Adorabeezle and I adopted Professor Winston Woolysocks. So far I have learned:

  1. How to bathe a kitten. So I’ve had cats most of my life, but I have never ever given one a bath. Adorabeezle judges me for this, but I maintain that cats are self cleaning! That is one of their best qualities! But APPARENTLY cats need baths (I’m still not convinced overall). Winnie the Bish definitely did though, so I can now say that I have washed my first cat. It was… interesting…
  2. I am not a Ferberizer. (And most people don’t know what that means). So just in case you don’t read as many mommy blogs as I do, Ferberizing is basically the method of letting your baby “cry it out” when when you put them to bed. Its a tad more nuanced than that, but the basic concept stands. Since he is so small, we are keeping Winston in the kitchen  when we are not home/sleeping. After we say goodnight to him and plug in his night light (yes, he requires a night light) we go to bed with the intentions of ferberizing him and not coming out until morning. Professor Winston is not a fan of this plan, and his tiny pathetic kitten cries are so sad.  I can’t stand to let him sit there and “cry it out,” so on more than one occasion I have ended up coming back out and sitting on the couch with him for an extra hour while he sleeps on me and I read or play candy crush. This may become a problem.
  3. I make an excellent cat tree. This one is pretty self explanatory. When Winston is not sleeping he likes to climb us: up our legs, onto our shoulders, onto our heads. This cat loves to climb and I am a GREAT climbing tree.
    Climbing kitty
    shoulder kitty
  4. Kittens can fit into the tiniest spaces you can think of. When we first got Winston home, he was understandably scared. We got him all set up in the kitchen,  I was getting his litter box set up, and it scared him. He was hiding in a corner, and all of a sudden he was gone. We looked and looked and could not find him. And THEN we found out that the bottom of our kitchen cabinets has a hole in it that leads to the corner of the cabinetry (a place that is unreachable for humans). It. Was. Awesome. And by awesome I mean I flipped out. We could hear him in/under the cabinets, but we couldn’t see him or get to him. Luckily around 5 minutes later he crawled out from a similar hole on the other side of the kitchen (apparently there is a secret passageway that links to two corners). Luckily he didn’t go back into the cabinets TOO many more times, and I think he is finally comfortable enough with us to not try to hide, but it was scary when it happened.
  5. I am never going to be productive at home again. All I ever want to do anymore is to lay on the couch and read a book with Winston. This may be a problem seeing as grad school just started… We will see how this goes…
    Sleepy Kitty

Anyway, I hope you have a great (and hopefully long) weekend Internet!

UPDATED: This is what happened while I was writing this:
blogging kitty

An Introduction and a Giveaway!!

Hi Internet! Happy Monday! I am the kind of tired that makes me go “Buzz your girlfriend. Woof.” But I wanted to stop by today because of two VERY EXCITING THINGS.

The first thing you may have found out via Instagram or facebook or twitter, but I wanted to make an official introduction.

Internet, meet Professor Winston Wollysocks of Meoxford University aka Winnie the Bish aka aka aka Grey Waffles (brown lightning was taken):

Winnie the Bish

He is one month old, he weighs one pound, and Adorabeezle and I are fostering him in order to adopt him once he is old enough to get neutered.

naptime with Winnie the Bish

His PhD is in cuteness, obvi.


I am totally in love, so if I don;t post for a while it is because I am taking a catnap with the kitten FOR DAYS.

In other exciting news, A GIVEAWAY!

These ladies and I are giving away this beautiful Kate Spade cosmetic bag set and I am super jealous of whoever wins. Enter below!kslemonsAnne | Christina | Lindsay
Bex | Summer
Nina | Liz | Sheryl

a Rafflecopter giveaway

A Long Overdue Update

Hey Internet. I know it’s been a while since I told you about Binx or gave you any real update on what is going on in my life. My mom was here for two and a half weeks and then I had some oral surgery because my teeth are the literal worst, but now I’m back to kind of real life.


So I’m sitting here with Binx perched over my shoulder – the appointment with the feline oncologist basically wet as planned “We think its most likely lymphoma, but to know for sure you need to give us thousands of dollars you don’t have to do exploratory surgery OR we can put him on prednisone to make him feel better until he doesn’t.” I have never felt so guilty for being a poor grad student. Binx is on prednisone, and its been making him feel better. He finally started eating wet food which was SUCH a relief. Unfortunately, his eating has been declining the last few days and I’m worried. Adorabeezle Winterpop says she thinks he is still ok, but I don’t fully believe her. The hardest part is remembering everyday that he is dying – when he is acting more normal its hard to remember he isn’t actually healing. We are biding time, and that’s really hard some days.

IMG_1332 IMG_1355

The Whole 3o

The last two months have been total and complete bitches (pardon my french, but it is accurate),  and my eating (and life in general) habits have not been great. After a wonderful friend lost a close family member recently (I told you these months have been horrible) she told me she needed to find ways to grieve healthfully. I totally related to that notion and knew I needed to work on how I had been eating and living. While loosing my cat is nothing compared to the grief some of my loved ones are experiencing, A LOT has been taking an emotional toll on my and it’s been rough.

I decided to try the Whole 3o because I heard amazing things about it and I knew I needed make a real change and now we are here. I haven’t had any sugar since June and its been… interesting. Mostly good, but I’ve been really tired. One my system gets used to not having any sugar hopefully I will have some good energy. For now, if you are interested, you can follow along on my Whole 30 journey on instagram. I’m posting way too many food pictures, hoping it will keep me accountable.



Because of everything that has been happening, I have really been craving time in the Bible and with books that point me to Jesus in general. I’m reading Carry on Warrior: The Power of Embracing Your Messy, Beautiful Life by Glennon Doyle Melton (her blog, Momastery, is amazing). I’m also waiting with baited breath for my signed copy of Anchored: Finding Hope in the Unexpected by one of my top five ever bloggers Kayla Aimee.  I’m very excited for both and know how much my heart needs words right now.

 Carry On WarriorAnchoredeBook_web1


Anyway Internet, that’s what Life has been like recently. How have you been? I’ve missed this place.

That Time I Set My Cat On Fire

Hey Internet! So today is Tuesday, and I am really going to try to get on a Tuesday/Thursday/Maybe a day on the weekends blog schedule now that summer is here (straight A’s bitches!!!) and I only have work/blogging/moving to worry about and even though I’m posting this late in the day, I’m still posting it on a Tuesday so I count this as a win!!

Today I’m going t tell you a real gem of a story, as I’m sure you could tell by the title of this post.

So, one upon a time (lets call it within the last 6 months), I was at home for a few days.  I invited some friends over for some dinner and snuggles (So. Many. Snuggles). And because I am THE BEST daughter (note: by THE BEST, I mean I always ask my mom if I can invite people over at the last minute, and then I feel guilty) I tried to make my mom’s place suppa nice, which involved lighting some Bath and Body Works candles, because that is what you do when you own two cats and two dogs – lots of B&BWs scented candles…

Anyway, Old Roommate showed up early (a sure sign of the apocalypse) and we got to talking on the couch. My mom’s cat Linus jumped onto the table and started asking Old Roommate for some pets, at which point he stuck his tail over one of the lit candles and FREAKING SET HIMSELF ON FIRE!!!! His tail was in flames guys, I cannot emphasize that point enough. The. Cat. Was. On. Fire.

This is the point I started screaming “Linus! Linus!” and somehow (I honestly have yet to figure this part out) put out the fire by frantically waving my hands at it. The cat, by the way, did not even freakin’ notice that he had been on fire! He just seemed confused as to why I kept screaming.

Now that the cat was no longer in clear and present danger, it was time for me to FREAK THE HECK OUT.

“LINUS WAS ON FIRE! HE WAS ON FIRE! THE CAT WAS ON FIRE!!!” (In the style of “Violet! You’re turning violet Violet!”)

All the yelling got my mom’s attention and she came into the room and tried to asses the damage. The cat was obviously slightly scorched because the smell of burning hair was filling the living room (Not quite the smell I was going for cat!!) but he was not phased in the least and was not interested in being examined.

After my heart stopped pounding the night proceeded as normal (except for old roommate announcing “You missed it! The cat was on fire!” to every person who walked in the door), but freaking THE CAT HAD BEEN ON FIRE, GUYS!!!

This is the fire cat.

This is the fire cat.

Make me feel better, Internet, have you ever set a pet on fire?

An Open Letter to My Cat

Dear Cat,

I love you. You know I love you.
Remember that time when you were just a kitten and I picked you up at Petsmart and then I never let you go?
Or remember the time I stayed up holding you on the night of my college graduation because you had just been neutered and were in pain?
I give you as many toys as I can on my college girl budget and am doing best as a cat mom.  I love you cat, but if you keep waking me up at 3:45 in the morning for pets, I may accidentally murder you.
I love you forever,
Your momma

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