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Weekend of Fun – Friendship Magic

Hey Internet! I’m back! And it is spring break!! I meant to do a Thursday Thoughts yesterday, but I got home from my last midterm, and our internet was down.

Honestly the struggle was REAL this week. It was a rough one. Lots of tests, not a lot of sleep. Just… well, I’m glad its over is all.

But to be fair to the last week (which I have been calling an asshole to many a friend) it did start out pretty wonderfully.

The bestie was on a pretty-impromptu trip to Florida to visit her family, and she and her brothers came up to Orlando for two days and it was friendship magic.

Saturday night we all went to Rising Star at Universal City Walk ad had some dranks and did some dancing and watched some karaoke ¬†and stayed out way later than my old lady self is usually capable of… I mean, I got home at 3 am, people. That. Does. Not. Happen.

My alarm went off for work the next day at 6:30 (oy, I know), and at work I was granted an ER (that is company speak for early-release) and I got to leave at 2 instead of 5. From work I headed out to meet the bestie clan and we all went to the Magic Kingdom for the afternoon – there were characters and rides and an AMAZING dinner at Be Our Guests (we somehow got reservations the day before – that never happens. Be Our Guest books out 180 days in advance pretty much always. It was all friendship magic- that is literally the only explanation.) and a parade and a 20 minute wait for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (did I mention all the Friendship Magic?!?) We stayed at the Magic Kingdom until it closed – at Midnight.

You can bet your boots my little old lady self did not get out of bed until 1 pm the next day.

As always, it is so hard for me to say goodbye to the bestie, but I was so thankful to have last weekend to get me through this asshole of a week and it was so wonderful to see her much sooner than I had expected.

Now take in all the magic:



Reunited and it feels so good - See the hufflepuff scarf? not to rag, but I made that.

Reunited and it feels so good – See the hufflepuff scarf? not to rag, but I made that.





I love this picture so much

I love this picture so much



Beast's Castle


So much happiness! Anyhoo, it is spring break now and idkmybffPaula is getting into town in three days!! Happy Weekend, Internet!

Love, Liz

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Weekend of Fun! Weekend of Fun!

Hey Internet! I’m a little late with the whole posting-on-Tuesday thing, but I’m here so I’m counting it.

Today is the start of the new semester (well, technically it was yesterday but I only have Tuesday/Thursday classes so we are calling it today), so I am trying to start off the semester off well. (And by starting off the semester well I mean that I got home and took a 4 hour nap).

But more important than that, last night I got home from visiting the bestie in Denver for a long weekend. It was total magic. I only have a few pictures because I always get so caught up having fun that I forget to take pictures. It’s sad, but it’s also great to be so present that I forget Instagram exists. I think we could all use more of that in our lives, honestly.

Our Only Instagram Picture

Our Only Instagram Picture

Anyway, I went out to see the bestie in Miss Saigon. She played Kim, the main character and one of her all time dream roles, and she completely killed it. Literally. She killed it.

I went in only knowing three things about the show: 1) It’s about the Vietnam war. 2) At some point there is a helicopter. 3) it’s kind of a downer.
Guys, it was awesome. And so sad. I cried 3 separate times (which is really impressive if you take into account the fact that I am an emotionless robot) and ended up seeing the show twice because it was so good.


It was also just a great weekend I best friend bonding. We went shopping and got pedicures and watched girly movies and ate all the good food. I also got to see some more of my favorite people – I went to our friend Katrina’s house during the bestie’s Friday night show and we watched Tangled and ate Thai food. On Saturday my wonderful friend Megan and I went to a cute little french restaurant before seeing the show.
It was so great to catch up with so many of my favorite people and to see my bestie performing a role she is so passionate about.
I also got some much needed downtime to process things before the semester started.

Weekend of Fun

I’m not gonna lie – it was REALLY hard going back to Orlando after such a great weekend. I’m still a little sad about it, but it was still totally worth all the sad panda feelings going on right now.

Sad Panda

Dat Sad Panda Doe

Where are some of your favorite people-visiting destinations Internet?

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