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Guess Who’s Back, Back Again

Hello Internet!!!! Boy howdy, has it been a long time – it turns out being a second year grad student and teaching two classes a semester is not a life style that is conducive to blogging… Who would have thunk it. Anyway, at the beginning of this month I graduated! I am officially a Master of Statistical Computing!! It’s a little bit crazy to think about. I’m not sure it has totally sunk in that I am done, but in a week and a half I start a new adventure and I think once that starts it will feel less like I’m on summer vacation and more like I am a real life working grown up… maybe…

Anyway, now that I have my masters, it feels like this here blog needs a bit of an update. Unfortunately Baby Got M.S. (Masters of Science) does not have the same feel (or meaning) that Baby Got B.A. has, so I’m currently racking my brain on how I want to “re-brand.” (Let me know if you have any new name ideas! I’m kind of at a loss)

I may not know how to rename the blog, but I do know for sure that I want to start blogging again. There is so much I have wanted to write about in the past year that just got lost in the shuffle. So, this post is just a quick “hey girl hey!” (or “hey boy hey!” this is an all-inclusive internet space) and a heads up that I will be coming back – hopefully soon! I plan on having posts on this here Disney life as well as some cooking, some crafting, maybe some fashion, and some talking about my cats (because obvi). I will probably also have the periodic “my life is a mess” post… again. Obvi.

Until I’m back with some new stories and a new name, I’ll leave you with some pictures from graduation weekend!

I was lucky enough to have my mom, dad, and grandparents fly down to see me graduate – They are all saints seeing as I got my masters in the first 20 minutes and then they had to sit through 1550 undergrads… it was a long ceremony.

And of course, I couldn’t have made it through grad school without Adorabeezle Winterpop. This girl has lived with me for the past three years and witnessed MANY a school related melt down. She even helped me study for finals and my comprehensive exam when she had no idea what was written on my flash cards. Bless her supportive, wonderful heart.

New favorite dress

While they were in town, I got to take my mom and grandparents to Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, and the Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue! It was a great way to celebrate!

So there you have it – graduation weekend! I’ll be back again soon internet!!


Hey Internet! So things have been so crazy around these parts (I had my first test of grad school yesterday – and I crushed it), and I totally forgot that I HAVEN’T INTRODUCED YOU TO ELLIE MAY PENNYWHISTLE!!!!

Ellie May Introduction

That’s right! Winston has a sister!! And they totally love each other.

20960031414_b780c36c3a_o Sleepy Cats

I mean how could I blog with these babies around? (Note the untouched computer in the background of that photo).

Ellie May Pouf


Ellie May Oreos

As you can see, she can be a sleepy baby (and we totally are teaching her right with the Oreos), but this girl has some ENERGY in her – its just easier to take her picture when she isn’t moving at the speed of ninja. She loves playing with her brother and her toys.

Cat Shelves

She is also a snuggle bug with a penchant for trying to suckle blankets.

Ellie May and Liz

So we have our hands full over here, but we are LOVING it.

Happy Hump Day Internet!!

An Introduction and a Giveaway!!

Hi Internet! Happy Monday! I am the kind of tired that makes me go “Buzz your girlfriend. Woof.” But I wanted to stop by today because of two VERY EXCITING THINGS.

The first thing you may have found out via Instagram or facebook or twitter, but I wanted to make an official introduction.

Internet, meet Professor Winston Wollysocks of Meoxford University aka Winnie the Bish aka aka aka Grey Waffles (brown lightning was taken):

Winnie the Bish

He is one month old, he weighs one pound, and Adorabeezle and I are fostering him in order to adopt him once he is old enough to get neutered.

naptime with Winnie the Bish

His PhD is in cuteness, obvi.


I am totally in love, so if I don;t post for a while it is because I am taking a catnap with the kitten FOR DAYS.

In other exciting news, A GIVEAWAY!

These ladies and I are giving away this beautiful Kate Spade cosmetic bag set and I am super jealous of whoever wins. Enter below!kslemonsAnne | Christina | Lindsay
Bex | Summer
Nina | Liz | Sheryl

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I Basically Am Tina Fey Is What I’m Saying

Well hello there Internet!

I know. Its been FOREVER since I posted anything on this here little space. I don’t have much of an excuse seeing that my posts were getting sporadic even before I disappeared. But let me tell you, things got pretty crazy there for a while.

Basically, on April 2nd I heard back from my first grad school and was told “Congratulations! You need to decide where you are going by April 15th.” Obvi, I skipped right over the happy “You got into grad school!” part of the letter, and focused in on that one date. April 15th. As in less than two weeks after hearing back from the first school. As in I had some decisions to make NOW, and very little information to make them with (info like: Did I get into any other schools? Can I get any financial aid? When will I hear back from those jobs I applied to?) Basically, I pulled a Tina Fey and took something that should have been good news and made it into something panic-inducing and stressful.


So  I spent 2+ weeks on a total roller coaster of emotions. For a while I legitimately thought I would be moving back to Illinois. I called my mom crying A. LOT. (Sometimes  more than once a day – Praise the Lord for a mother who will answer the phone after midnight just to hear me whine about all my stupid options). And finally when April 15th rolled around I got a very clear answer as to where I should be next year, and it is here in Florida. Literally on April 15th. After telling two schools I would be attending. It was a strange two weeks… But it was worth it. Next year I am going to be a TA in a stats class, and am excited for the adventure ahead of me. (I’m also very excited to stay with Adorabeezle Winterpop and Mickey Mouse).

Other than hard core obsessing over my future (seriously, I was  obsessed. I apologize if you were on the list of people I texted incessantly about it), a lot of time was spent letting myself kind of shut down emotionally – It was a lot for my robot nerves to handle and I can’t say I handled it the best ever. I can’t say I handled it the worst ever either. I’d say I handled it… mediocre-ish? So now I have a plan, and I’m trying to put myself back into intentional-mode. I need to re-break my 2048 game addiction and start to be a productive member of society again. I have finals to study for and apartments to search for – we are escaping the Titanic!!!! And people to see and blogs to write.

With summer break approaching, I really am going to try to make this blog more of a priority, I promise.

So what did I miss with you Internet? Do you have any exciting news for me?