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The Great and Fantastic Birthday of Adorabeezle Winterpop!

So Internet, after my really distracting night last Monday, I thought I would join you today (A Friday! What is happening?!) to tell you all about my roommate, Adorabeezle Winterpop’s birthday.

Last Friday Adorabeezle Winterpop celebrated turning 24, and we started the celebration off right – by seeing Pitch Perfect 2 in theaters on Thursday night. Now I don’t want to spoil it for you but Pitch Perfect 2 was kinda wonderful – I mean (spoiler alert) SNOOP DOG SINGS A CHRISTMAS SONG. I literally can’t it was amazing. Go see it right now if you haven’t. You are flippin’ welcome.

Anyhoo, the next day we got spiffed up and went to the Magic Kingdom!

Selfie On a Tram

A few highlights: A wonderful custodial cast member stopped us and made Adorabeezle a SUPER FANCY birthday button!

We rode some rides!


We took a bunch of selfie’s with characters.

Aladdin Selfie birthday_28 birthday_mickey  birthday_rapunzelbirthday_punz

WP_20150515_024 (3) WP_20150515_039

We ate our faces off at Boatwright’s Dining Hall.

Boatwrights birthday_dessert

We ended the night in a hammock at the Port Orleans Riverside.


It was basically a magical day filled with magical memories.

What is your favorite birthday memory, Internet?

I Was Supposed to Write a Post for Today, but Then I Went to a Mexican Restaurant

Hey Internet! I was supposed to write a post for today. But instead I went out to eat with my roommate (heretofore referred to as Adorabeezle Winterpop…per her own request) and her co-workers. And then I did homework.

It was a lot of fun and we had good food and I tried to get Adorabeezle Winterpop to eat a taco… I failed…. That is another post for another day (Working Title: Adorabeezle Winterpop’s Eating Habits are Killing My Soul).

After the Mexican food (and Adorabeezle Winterpop’s salad) we got Twistee Treat and I had an ice cream cone. Adorabeezle Winterpop had a waffle taco, which I claim is not the same thing as a taco and she says is close enough.

Then we came home, and didn’t go to bed. Instead I went into a tizzy about school and we googled the Benedict Cumberbatch name generator. So you know, the usual.

On the bright side, I did have a great hair-night.

It’s a big bun type of evening.

A photo posted by Liz (@liz_tippy) on

Hair Credit: Adorabeezle Winterpop

So, Internet, what random things have you been up to?

Just an American Girl

Hey Internet! Let’s talk about American Girls. Specifically, those of the doll variety. Because They. Are. Awesome.

Back story: When I was little (around four) I was given my very first American Girl Doll. Yes, I was way too young, but I knew how special my new Samantha doll was and I took extreme caution when holding her and playing with her. My parents read me all six of the Samantha books and I was totally hooked. For the next very many years I received a new doll and her set of books. I got Felicity and Kirsten and Molly (you know, all those retired dolls), and Kit and Josefina and Lindsey (the first ever Girl of the Year) and a doll that looked like me and a Bitty Baby and two grown up horses, one baby horse.

Yes. It is excessive. But it is also Awesome. They are all at my mom’s house hanging out with each other right now and I like to think that they are having a great time.

Fast forward twenty years from the moment I opened my favorite ever doll (who has COME OUT OF RETIREMENT). The Florida Mall here in Orlando recently opened an American Girl Doll Store and I knew I needed to go. So I dragged my roommate with me and we went to THE MOST AMAZING STORE IN THE HISTORY OF STORES. Even though they have retired most of my favorite dolls and even though I am a (kind-of) grown ass woman, I LOVE going to the American Girl Doll Store. It is so bright and happy – there are so many dolls and so many ballin’ accessories (I never got any official AG accessories – dolls were the Christmas game in my family – but I always (present tense) love looking through the catalog at the amazing things you can get for your dolls). There are pets and old-timey things and modern things and clothes that I would legitamatly wear today as a (kind-of) grown ass woman. It is full of magic and whimsy and happiness.

So when I went with my roommate, we obviously lost our ish. (It’s true she wasn’t totally pumped to go, but once we got there she was IN). And then I instagrammed a bunch of stuff.


A photo posted by Liz (@liz_tippy) on

I want to be grace. I want to be this doll. #AMERICANGIRLADVENTURES A photo posted by Liz (@liz_tippy) on

“Oh look! You have a a cheerleader… And a flyer…” #AMERICANGIRLADVENTURES A photo posted by Liz (@liz_tippy) on

Obviously my roommate brought her a-game to the AG Store (I mean, the flyer joke? She should do stand up. Legit).

Anyway, after wandering through the store, totally amazed by the breathtaking dioramas on display everywhere we turned, we saw it – the bistro. We knew where we had to go for lunch.


FIRST -Since we didn’t have our own dolls with us, WE GOT TO BORROW DOLLS TO SIT AT OUR TABLE AND EAT WITH US.

The doll I borrowed

The doll I borrowed

Our dolls together

Our dolls together

SECOND – It was beautiful!!

Table Settings

The Table Setting

Table of Awesome

I mean look at this.


The Centerpiece

Daisy Light

The giant daisy light that was directly above my head.

THIRD – They brought our dolls cups and saucers THAT WE GOT TO TAKE HOME WITH US!!! We also got to take the hair ties that were used as napkin rings.


This cup is ALL MINE


Dat Hair Tie Doe

FOURTH – They had a box of questions for us to ask each other while we waited for our food – this is one of my favorite things.



FIFTH – The food. We started with some amazng parmesean fries, then I had chicken fingers and mac and cheese and then I had a flowerpot of mousse (I got to keep the flower too) and the roommate had a trio of mini ice cream cones. I MEAN…

These fries were everything

These fries were everything

Look at that cheese star!!

Look at that cheese star!!

Flowerpot Mousse

Flowerpot Mousse



So basically AG is KILLING IT right now. Know who else is killing it? Grace. She is the AG Girl of the Year for 2015 and she is the bomb.com. She is an American girl who goes to France and runs HER OWN FREAKING BAKERY. I mean look at this:

I want to BE Grace and I want to OWN this Bakery IRL

I want to BE Grace and I want to OWN this Bakery IRL

So, Internet, did you ever have an AG doll? Do you have a favorite?