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Five On Friday | Vol. 1 | Because My Fridays Are Real Now

Hey internet! Seeing as I have a real person schedule in which Friday is no longer my Monday (it’s a Disney thing), I figured maybe I would start up on the Five on Friday bandwagon again. I’m hoping to keep up with it (you know I love a good list) but grad school jut started so I make no promises.


I have really been craving art projects recently. I want to learn how to draw more things and also want to try my hand at water colors. I may try to set aside an hour every Saturday to create SOMETHING. I think it would be good for me since I am about to be buried under ALL THE MATH.


idkmybffPaula came into town last weekend and it was so much fun seeing her! I felt like such a bad Floridian because she came to visit me and I never even took her to a theme park. I DID trick her into hanging a shelf on my wall though so… I’m THE BEST friend.

Look at that shelf hanging prowess!!


Our new apartment has an AMAZING tub for soaking and we have been investing in bath bombs and bubble bath recently and it has been so so wonderful to have a way to unwind at the end of the day… Is it bad to take a bath that is more than an hour? I hope not…


I got my new Erin Condren planner and I am LOVING it. I do miss my old (water damaged) one, but this feels like a new start, which seems appropriate for my current stage in life. I want to make sure I keep up to date with it. Organization is so important, but I am so bad at it. I am determined this time around!


I REALLY need some new fall layers for school. It is still so hot outside but the classrooms are so cold! I still have some birthday money, so I think I may need to go shopping this weekend. I want to get ALL THE FALL COLORS. Literally all of them.

Happy Friday Internet!!

Back to School | Live-Tweeting Orientation

Hello Internet! Today is the day! I am going back to school to real-life start my master’s program!

In case you don’t follow me on twitter (or as I like to call it my Instagram Part II – The Reckoning), and you missed my live-tweeting of my grad school orientation, I wanted to come and share with you what a colossal waste of time it was. I could write it out for you, but I enjoyed live-tweeting it so much that I decided to just share the tweets with you.

Let’s do this

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So that was grad school orientation! Have you ever been to a totally pointless meeting?

A Quarter of a Century

Hey Internet, it’s been a lot of doom and gloom around here recently (which frankly I feel is appropriate) but today is going to be different. Today is my birthday and today we are going to be happy! So help me!

As much as this summer has SUCKED, I am being like Elsa and letting that all go today (ugh. Did I just make a Frozen reference? Barf me to death). Today is going to be a celebration. A CELEBRATION I SAY! 

There will be old roommates and new roommates and manicures and pedicures and amazing dinners and free Starbucks and SO MUCH BIRTHDAY!!! There will be dranks and chocolate and there has already been a bath in our SOAKING TUB. (My new apartment is the ish guys). 

Today I will celebrate a quarter of a century on this earth and it. Will. Be. Epic. 

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What are your favorite birthday things Internet?

The Art of Hanging In There

Hey Internet, it’s been a week since we lost Binx, and I just wanted to drop a line real quick. Over the past month, whenever someone asks me how I am doing I have the same answer – “I’m hanging in there.” It’s the easiest thing I’ve found to tell people, and it feels true. I am hanging in there – I’m clinging for dear life onto hope. The hope that things will improve, the hope that things just can’t get worse, and most importantly (but admittedly to hardest to live out at the moment) the hope I have in Jesus. 

The last week was hard. Moving is already hard enough, but the added grief of loosing my babycat made it worse. I’ve been trying to keep my mind on the move, but every so often I relive those awful last moments with Binx and hanging in there becomes harder. 

I know the timing was lucky – I didn’t have to sleep in that room again. I was able to leave the setting of those awful memories. But they are still in my head. For the first day of two I just kept telling people the same thing “It was so awful. It was just so awful.” But I can never make anyone truly understand, because no one was there to witness it. And as much as I long for someone to understand how terrible it was, how much it shook me to the core, I wouldn’t want anybody to see him like that. I want him to be remembered as he was, not the way he died. 

Being in the new place has helped – having a project to work on, not always looking for Binx to come and greet me as I walk in, because he was never at the new place. It’s still hard, it can still be lonely, but I’m learning to cope, and I know that when I’m ready I will bring home two new babies to love. 

Until then I will be here, mastering the art of hanging in there. 

Have you ever had to master the art of hanging in there, Internet?

I’m Still Alive. I Promise. 

Hey Internet! As I’m sure you can tell from my lack of posting recently, life has been crizazy around these parts. On top of the things going on with Binx (who seems to be feeling a bit better (despite a continued lack of eating and huge weight loss) with the chemo pill we gave him) and the Whole 30 (which is going shockingly well. I am on day 21 and I have not slapped anyone from chocolate withdrawal) Adorabeezle and I are currently in the process of moving. We got the keys to our new apartment last Friday and don’t have to be out of the Titanic until the 31st, so we are moving gradually but I have gone on a packing rampage.  

Fun fact about me, Internet: I LOVE decorating and putting furniture together. Later today I am assembling a target bookshelf and I am PUMPED.  Yesterday after doing some unpacking I headed over to the nearest shopping center to the new place, which includes: Homegoods, World Market, Target, Ulta, AND Joann Fabrics. I am in trouble. And I love it. 

I think recently I have just been living out this mantra “life is hard.” It’s been on my mind for the last few months, because life has been hard. But I don’t want that to be my default. I want to be in a mind space that lets me overcome life being so hard instead of just accepting that fact and letting it drag me down. When that happens I tend to check out. I go on autopilot and just exist, and that’s not what I want to do. This is basically the main reason I have not blogged consistently in forever. It’s hard to blog about your life when you are only semi experiencing things. 

I don’t want to be checked out anymore. I want to be fully present both in my real life and on this little Internet space I have. That being said I’m not going to make any sweeping promises about all the blogging I will be doing – moving is very time consuming and I’m crocheting a blanket in my spare time because of course I am.  There is a lot on my plate (for instance, I am writing this post from the waiting area of a Discount Tire because when my mom visited she pointed out that I have gone WAY too lone without having my tires rotated and I really need this car to last), so I’m not sure how present I will be over the next few weeks, but I will try. 

What do you do when you are on autopilot Internet? Any suggestions?