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Watermelon Arugula Salad | A Disney-esque Dish

Hey Internet! I’m back with another Disney-themed dish! Today I’m going to tell you my favorite salad recipe at the moment, based off of the Watermelon Salad with Pickled Onions, B&W Gourmet Farms Baby Arugula, Feta and Balsamic Reduction salad from this year’s Epcot Flower and Garden Festival. Here is the original version (pictured with some really fun dranks – Violet Lemonade, I love you forever).

The first time I had this salad I knew it would be something I wanted to try to recreate at home. It was amazing, and something that wouldn’t take a crazy amount of time to make. Since it is a salad, I’m not even going to pretend I have measurements for you. It’s a salad people. Put the stuff in the bowl. But here are the ingredients:

– greens (I usually use an arugula/spinach mix)
– watermelon, chopped (the watermelon in Epcot was in pretty big chunks, but I like to cut mine into more bite size pieces
– feta cheese (as much or as little (I vote MUCH) as you want)
– balsamic reduction or balsamic dressing (I typically just use a store bought balsamic dressing)

Optional ingredients
– pickled red onions (I LOVE pickled red onions but I can never find a great recipe/I am lazy. I wish I could find this prepackaged. I would buy that ish. But unless I have been REALLY on top of my kitchen game, I don’t usually add these. Because lazy.)
-sunflower seeds (because when you don’t have onion garnish, adds some sunflower seeds? Sure. Let’s go with that)
– sliced chicken breast (this is an addition I made to add some protein and to make this salad more of a meal in and of itself)

Put the stuff in the bowl, toss it and enjoy. I have been taking this salad to work with me almost every day for the past month It’s crazy easy and insanely good. Here is what it might look like at my place:

Let me know if you try it internet!

This is… 27… What?!? A Birthday Recap

Hey Internet! How goes it? Just dropping by to do a quick birthday weekend recap… from two weekends ago… I may not be good at this… Anyway, two weeks ago I turned 27… I’m officially in my late twenties and it may possibly be freaking me out a bit… To celebrate I had a fun filled weekend of shopping and eating and dranking.

Sunday Adorableezle Winterpop and I went shopping – we hit up Charming Charlie’s and Home Goods and Ulta – I got myself some fun birthday treats and it was a fun morning. On the way home we grabbed some Pei Wei and then my friend from high school and college came up from Sarasota to visit! We spent the night at Trader Sam’s – my favorite bar on Disney property. Its a tiki bar with a lot of fun themeing and special effects. I maybe forgot to take pictures, but here are some instagram pictures from my last trip to Trader Sam’s:


Hello Old Friend ❤️🍹🍍#tradersamsgroggrotto

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Sunday morning a small group of us got together and got breakfast at The Wave… of American Flavors at the Contemporary Resort . They have a great breakfast buffet with refillable mimosas. I basically ate All. The. Cheesy Grits. After breakfast we headed over to Epcot to ride Ellen’s Universe of Energy one last time before it closed on the 13th. It was bittersweet. The we rode the Gran Fiesta Tour and got a birthday margarita. Here is a quick Snapchat snapshot of the day:

And also a pretty group picture:

After that we were all feeling pretty tired, so we went our separate ways and I took a really nice birthday nap… did I mention I may be old?

To cap off the weekend Adorabeezle and I got dinner at The California Grill, also at the Contemporary Resort. I hadn’t been to California Grill since 2010, but it was just as AMAZING as I remembered it. I mean…


It was a really great weekend, and I’m excited to see what 27 has in store!

A Re-Introduction | Welcome to Life Slightly Mastered

Hello Internet and Welcome to Life Slightly Mastered!!!!

I am so excited to get back to blogging! After graduating with my Master’s degree, Baby Got B.A. no longer really fit (Sad. I love that name.) So after some thought and A LOT of texting various people for advice, I came up with Life Slightly Mastered. The new name speaks to me at this point in life because while I now have my master’s degree, I definitely don’t feel like a real grown up. So my life is just slightly mastered.

With the new name (and the new design, which I love), I thought I would re-introduce myself!

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My name is Liz. I am recently out of grad school and working in Orlando (I love you, Orlando! Sea World and Disney and putt-putt GOLFING… Book of Mormon (the musical) anyone?) I love Disney, coffee, shopping, lipstick, wine, and rambling parentheticals. I have two cats, Ellie May and Olly (short for Ollivander) and live with a roommate, herein refereed to as Adorabeezle Winterpop.  I am addicted to my Erin Condren planner (and all the stickers that go along with it), but I wish the simple act of keeping a planner would actually make me a real adult (apparently life doesn’t work like that).

Here is a bit of the highlight reel of my life from my instagram:


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A post shared by Liz (@liz_tippy) on

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Most of the things I write about have to do with living this Disney Life, mostly because all the fun stuff I do seems to take place on Disney property. I also dedicate a lot of time to cat-related material, fun food/drink in Orlando, and just life updates in general. I hope to add more recipes and/or crafting to that list, but I make no promises.

I am still adjusting to post-grad school life (it would be great if the school related anxiety dreams would stop), so I will be experimenting with and learning what kind of posts and schedule work for me. Basically I make no promises is what I am saying.

If you are coming back to this blog after a couple of off years (did I mention I was in grad school?), thanks for sticking with me! I’m excited to be back!

Current Obsessions and Other Things

Hey Internet!

Since I have been gone for FOREVER, I thought I would stop in and talk about some things I am currently obsessed with, so you can get a feel for what I’ve been up to when I wasn’t freaking out about finals and then ignoring real life because of the holidays.

In no particular order:

  • HGTV: I have a problem, and the problems name is Fixer Upper, I have watched every episode on Netflix, and have started re-watching them. I also bought My Big Family Renovation from Amazon Prime, because when my girl Jen Hatmaker is on an HGTV show you KNOW I need to watch it. All I want to do is buy a house with the no money I have and the KNOCK DOWN ALL THE WALLS

    She is my hero (via)

    She is my hero (via)

  • Still Hamilton: Seriously Internet. Go listen to it RIGHT NOW. It is better than this blog – I will admit that! Go! Now!
  • John Mulaney – The Comback Kid: This is my new favorite comedy special on Netflix. I watched it 3 times in a week while I was home because I just need all of my friends to GET ON MY LEVEL
    This is an on fire garbage cancould be a nursery
  • Christmas: There was so much Christmas!!! But now I’m back in school…boo…
  • Plaid Puffer Vests – two Christmases in a row I have gotten plaid puffer vests from Land’s End for Christmas. And they may be my two favorite pieces in my closet. I am not even a little bit kidding. This is the vest I got this year and I have been LIVING in it:
  • Peppermint Schaaps in my Coffee: ’nuff said

What are YOU obsessing over at the moment, Internet?

An Update in Which I am in Fact Alive

Hello Internet!

It has been FOREVER hasn’t it?

It turns out that grad school has a tendency to be stressful… Especially when finals are only a month away.

I know a month SOUNDS like a long time, internet, but it isn’t. I have almost 200 note cards to memorize in that month and some reading and all my other work on top of it.

This last week was particularly stressful, and I’ve reached a point where I realized I’m maybe pushing myself too hard. I need to give myself a little grace when it comes to the CRAZY study schedule I’ve set for myself.

If I don’t ease up, I MAY not survive this next month.

So… what are the ways I like to relax when I think I’m going to loose my mind if I memorize one more note card? (Quick! What is the estimated regression coefficient in matrix form? I’ll tell you!! (X’X)-1X’Y! You are welcome,  Internet. You. are, Welcome.)

  1. Her is a list of things I’ve been enjoying when I haven’t been panicking about school:The Hamilton Soundtrack – GUYS. This one is a game changer. It is a hip hop musical about Alexander Hamilton and YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO IT. It is on Spotify so you have no excuse. Go listen to it right now! I will wait.

  2. Gilmore Girls –  This has always been one of my all time favorite shows, and it is the perfect show to put on in the background while I do math. I have seen every episode multiple times so far, so if I miss something its not the end of the world. Plus I’ve been channeling my inner Rory Gilmore, and she is some great inspiration for me!

    via GIPHY

  3. This American Life – There may be a lot of audio things on this list, but to be fair I have a one and a half hour commute to campus every day. I have been listening to This American Life on my drives and I have made some PROGRESS. I started on the current episodes and have made it all the way back to 2008. It’s actually a really fun way to what has changed over the last seven years, and my goal is to listen to every episode by the time i graduate. I have until next may to get all the way back to 1995, but I think I can do it.
    Ira Glass is my spirit animal

    Ira Glass is my spirit animal


  4. Pho – I got sick last week and tried my hand at making my own pho. It was super delicious AND helped me feel better from all the dying I was doing.
  5. CHRISTMAS!!! We finally got the tree up, and have been decorating and it is BEAUTIFUL in our apartment. It has been a lot of fun to work on, and it provides a super festive environment to study in!

    Best friend Christmas naps

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  6. Cats – Winston and Ellie make the BEST study distractions! They are so cuddly and and great… you know, when they aren’t destroying everything we love…

    They aren’t graceful #christmascameearly #elliemaywhovier A video posted by Liz (@liz_tippy) on

  7. Wine – I think this one is pretty self explanatory.
  8. Treating Myself – I splurged and got a rose gold ombré in my hair and I LOVE it. It was fun to splurge on myself and get something done for me.

    This is what the ombré looks like #nofilter

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So what are the things you like like to do relieve the stress?

P.s. I was watching Modern Family n Hulu while I wrote this and DID YOU  KNOW THEY MAKE SOUP K-CUPS?!!? WHAT EVEN IS LIFE!????