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Weekend Recap: When the Plague Hits and Plans Change

Hey Internet! I had some great plans for the blog this weekend – I was going to go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party with Adorabeezle Winterpop on Friday and decorate the apartment for Halloween on Saturday and write all about Fall and Happiness and it was going to be magic…

Here is how my weekend really went: Adorabeezle and I DID go to the Halloween Party Friday night. We opted not to do costumes this year and went full Halloween instead. We met Moana and Tarzan, Turk, and Jane. We got some pretty treats and I got a few new Disney Alex and Ani bracelets. The we went to Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular and it started pouring…  Adorabeezle was sick and I was tired and we are going to another party, so we decided to call it a night. It was probably good we did because it rained the rest of the night and all of the entertainment was pushed back super late.

Saturday I woke up with the death. I stayed in bed late and watched a lot of TV and drank a lot of tea. Sunday I actually made it to Target (which did NOT have Halloween decor out yet! c’mon Target!) and Publix before coming home and crashing.  The trip was needed, but I would NOT recommend going to Target while sick.  You will put anything in your cart if it means you may get out of there sooner. You will spend way too much money and then not even remember what you bought because of the brain fog.  BUT YOU WON’T HAVE BOUGHT ANY HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS THAT IS FOR SURE…. stupid Target… I may be bitter..

Monday was more of the same – I stayed in bed until around 2 and then managed to get up and make myself some tea and then Adorabeezle (aka patient zero) and I sat around and tried to breath normally. I did manage to get out some of our Halloween decorations. Then I ordered Chinese food and settled in for the first Hocus Pocus showing of the year!

It wasn’t the weekend I had planned, and I would really like to breath through my nose again, but it was still fun to

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This is… 27… What?!? A Birthday Recap

Hey Internet! How goes it? Just dropping by to do a quick birthday weekend recap… from two weekends ago… I may not be good at this… Anyway, two weeks ago I turned 27… I’m officially in my late twenties and it may possibly be freaking me out a bit… To celebrate I had a fun filled weekend of shopping and eating and dranking.

Sunday Adorableezle Winterpop and I went shopping – we hit up Charming Charlie’s and Home Goods and Ulta – I got myself some fun birthday treats and it was a fun morning. On the way home we grabbed some Pei Wei and then my friend from high school and college came up from Sarasota to visit! We spent the night at Trader Sam’s – my favorite bar on Disney property. Its a tiki bar with a lot of fun themeing and special effects. I maybe forgot to take pictures, but here are some instagram pictures from my last trip to Trader Sam’s:


Hello Old Friend ❤️🍹🍍#tradersamsgroggrotto

A post shared by Liz (@liz_tippy) on

Sunday morning a small group of us got together and got breakfast at The Wave… of American Flavors at the Contemporary Resort . They have a great breakfast buffet with refillable mimosas. I basically ate All. The. Cheesy Grits. After breakfast we headed over to Epcot to ride Ellen’s Universe of Energy one last time before it closed on the 13th. It was bittersweet. The we rode the Gran Fiesta Tour and got a birthday margarita. Here is a quick Snapchat snapshot of the day:

And also a pretty group picture:

After that we were all feeling pretty tired, so we went our separate ways and I took a really nice birthday nap… did I mention I may be old?

To cap off the weekend Adorabeezle and I got dinner at The California Grill, also at the Contemporary Resort. I hadn’t been to California Grill since 2010, but it was just as AMAZING as I remembered it. I mean…


It was a really great weekend, and I’m excited to see what 27 has in store!

Galentine’s Day Recap

Hey Internet! I don’t know about you, but I have to work/school today and Monday’s got me being like this:

Tired Puppy

BUT I had a great Galentine’s/Valentine’s Day weekend and I wanted to pop in and share some pictures!

The weekend started at a BBQ restaurant with my carpool buddy on Friday. GUYS. This place. The food was AMAZING. ANDPLUSALSO? THERE WAS A CAT! AND the cat looked so much like Binx. I called him Binx II, and he crawled right into my lap and I maybe almost cried. Pictures:

Binx II DIS FOOD DOE Love at first sight

If you are ever in the area, the place is called Yellow Dog Eats and it is the best.

After lunch I went home and Adorabeezle and I finished Broadchurch (its a BBC crime series and its AMAZING. Go watch it on Netflix. Right now.)

Also, this happened. It’s a common occurrence, really, but I can never get over the cuteness:

Cat Love

Then I turned in for the night and spent some time reading Make it Happen. I’ve been reading this for a little over a month now, and it has been SO GOOD for my heart. I’ve been really savoring it and taking copious notes. So. Much. Goodness.

Make it Happen

Then Saturday was a sleep in and be productive kind of day. It seems weird, but I cherish the days I am free enough to really clean the kitchen. Just doing laundry and getting all the dishes done and organizing things. I LIVE for that on the weekends… Does this mean I’m officially a grown up? Maybe. Also? I cleaned ALL of my make up brushes. That may seem like small potatoes to you if you have your life together, but this was a big deal for me. I’m not going to tell you how long it’s been since I’ve done this, because I want you to think I’m a fancy person who isn’t living in filth. Just go with it.

A Thing of Beauty

After the productiveness, Adorabeezle came home from work and we hit up EPCOT for Galentine’s Day. (If you don’t know what Galentine’s Day is you need to watch Parks and Rec ASAP!!!)

What is Galentine's Day
The Best Day of the Year

We grabbed some fish and chips (I ate the fish. Adorabeezle ate the chips). and then we headed to France where we waited 20 minutes in line for a cocktail and then 20 minutes in line for the patisserie. We regret nothing.Fish and Chips Drank Drankin in EPCOTRaspberry Mousse

The drink was a specialty orange passion fruit slushie, that came in a “souvenir glass,” which I thought was kind of silly since it was just a sphere and made my drink cost three extra dollars, but it was delicious and I have NO REGRETS.

After Epcot, we came home and I treated myself to a nice lush bath bomb bath complete with Christmas lights, candles, poor girl sangria (wine with a splash of oj and some cut up oranges) a touch of chocolate and a episode of Fixer Upper on my Kindle.

Bath of Champions

Sunday was church and then ALL THE ERRANDS. I did some cooking for the week and finished some apartment projects I’ve been putting off. I also put together a breathtaking doughnut diorama. Because I don’t play around when it comes to holidays or doughnuts.

Breathtaking Doughnut Diorama

The rest of the night was spent with netflix and putting that souvenir glass to good use:

Succulent globe succulent

(yes the succulent is fake – who do you think I am? a real grown up person?) But I’m fairly certain the moss I bought from Joann’s is real… which kind of freaked me out…

Anyway, that was my Galentine’s weekend, Internet. How was yours?

The Great and Fantastic Birthday of Adorabeezle Winterpop!

So Internet, after my really distracting night last Monday, I thought I would join you today (A Friday! What is happening?!) to tell you all about my roommate, Adorabeezle Winterpop’s birthday.

Last Friday Adorabeezle Winterpop celebrated turning 24, and we started the celebration off right – by seeing Pitch Perfect 2 in theaters on Thursday night. Now I don’t want to spoil it for you but Pitch Perfect 2 was kinda wonderful – I mean (spoiler alert) SNOOP DOG SINGS A CHRISTMAS SONG. I literally can’t it was amazing. Go see it right now if you haven’t. You are flippin’ welcome.

Anyhoo, the next day we got spiffed up and went to the Magic Kingdom!

Selfie On a Tram

A few highlights: A wonderful custodial cast member stopped us and made Adorabeezle a SUPER FANCY birthday button!

We rode some rides!


We took a bunch of selfie’s with characters.

Aladdin Selfie birthday_28 birthday_mickey  birthday_rapunzelbirthday_punz

WP_20150515_024 (3) WP_20150515_039

We ate our faces off at Boatwright’s Dining Hall.

Boatwrights birthday_dessert

We ended the night in a hammock at the Port Orleans Riverside.


It was basically a magical day filled with magical memories.

What is your favorite birthday memory, Internet?

Weekend of Fun – Friendship Magic

Hey Internet! I’m back! And it is spring break!! I meant to do a Thursday Thoughts yesterday, but I got home from my last midterm, and our internet was down.

Honestly the struggle was REAL this week. It was a rough one. Lots of tests, not a lot of sleep. Just… well, I’m glad its over is all.

But to be fair to the last week (which I have been calling an asshole to many a friend) it did start out pretty wonderfully.

The bestie was on a pretty-impromptu trip to Florida to visit her family, and she and her brothers came up to Orlando for two days and it was friendship magic.

Saturday night we all went to Rising Star at Universal City Walk ad had some dranks and did some dancing and watched some karaoke  and stayed out way later than my old lady self is usually capable of… I mean, I got home at 3 am, people. That. Does. Not. Happen.

My alarm went off for work the next day at 6:30 (oy, I know), and at work I was granted an ER (that is company speak for early-release) and I got to leave at 2 instead of 5. From work I headed out to meet the bestie clan and we all went to the Magic Kingdom for the afternoon – there were characters and rides and an AMAZING dinner at Be Our Guests (we somehow got reservations the day before – that never happens. Be Our Guest books out 180 days in advance pretty much always. It was all friendship magic- that is literally the only explanation.) and a parade and a 20 minute wait for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (did I mention all the Friendship Magic?!?) We stayed at the Magic Kingdom until it closed – at Midnight.

You can bet your boots my little old lady self did not get out of bed until 1 pm the next day.

As always, it is so hard for me to say goodbye to the bestie, but I was so thankful to have last weekend to get me through this asshole of a week and it was so wonderful to see her much sooner than I had expected.

Now take in all the magic:



Reunited and it feels so good - See the hufflepuff scarf? not to rag, but I made that.

Reunited and it feels so good – See the hufflepuff scarf? not to rag, but I made that.





I love this picture so much

I love this picture so much



Beast's Castle


So much happiness! Anyhoo, it is spring break now and idkmybffPaula is getting into town in three days!! Happy Weekend, Internet!

Love, Liz

PS You still have a few hours to enter the giveaway!


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