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July Slightly Mastered

Hey Internet! It’s been a hot minute… clearly I’m still re-figuring out this blogging thing. To be fair, it’s been a crazy few months around these parts. I’m thinking maybe a quick monthly recap will help me keep this blog more up to date. So let’s try this!

July was a rough month for a few reasons I’m not going to get into on the internet, but there were a lot of great things too. I’m going to focus on those today. So a few highlights from July:

  • I didn’t go to fireworks or do any of the traditional 4th of July festivities (when you live close enough to the Magic Kingdom to hear their fireworks every night, the need to see fireworks on the fourth becomes less dire). But I DID get to partake in my yearly bomb-pop-the-champagne, and that was delightful (as always).
  • My bestie visited for a weekend! … I was so busy soaking in the moment that I forgot to take pictures, but we went to Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios and had brunch at The Wave… of American Flavors and went to Disney Springs and it was so needed for my heart.
  • I got a new (to me) car! My old car (Hildegard) was getting OLD and TIRED and my mom was ready for a new car so she and my aunt drove her car down to FL and I bought it! It’s very exciting mostly because my check engine light is not coming on all the time anymore! It’s the little things, internet.
  • (Related) My mom and Aunt visited! We stayed in the Port Orleans riverside and it was amazing…. and tiring… I was working during the day and going with them to the parks at night… and that is how I ended up taking a six and a half hour nap last weekend… true life story.

    I couldn’t go to Port Orleans Riverside without getting a cupcake with my girl Tiana on it!

    Got some new Up tsums and took them to The Music of Pixar Live

  • My mom and aunt brought down my new wine cart from Etcetera Home and I LOVE IT! I am so excited to fill this baby up with ALL THE WINE. It came just in time fore my first box of wine from Winc (thanks dad!)

  • Speaking of wine, CAN WE TALK ABOUT MY NEW WINE STOPPER? I am obsessed.

  • I’ve been listening to ALL THE PODCASTS. I’m spend my work days sitting at a computer and I have been listening to podcasts while I work. My coworker told me about My Favorite Murder and I cannot get enough of it. I’ve listened to about 20 episodes in a week… and most episodes are about an hour and a half… I may have a problem… BUT IT IS SO GOOD.

And… I think that’s basically July in a nutshell. Also CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW IT IS AUGUST ALREADY?!? I simply CANNOT.

Anyway, hope you are having a great week Internet! Hopefully I’ll be talking to you soon. (We are really at a point where I should not be promising any sort of posting regularity… but I will try. If I’m not napping.)