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Cat’s Aren’t…

Hello Internet! I know that it’s been forever. I’m trying to figure out my school/life balance, and blogging has kind of fallen by the wayside… for now… I’m determined to get back into the swing of things here soon. But for now, other things are taking priority.

Today I wanted to share a list with you. This is a list of things you may hear somebody in our apartment tell the cats. I say at least one of these things Every. Single. Day. It turns out when you are raising two kittens, you are constantly monitoring where they are (never where they belong) and telling them what are not. So, for instance, when Winston climbs onto the coffee table (approximately 863 times a day), somebody ends up yelling “cats aren’t coffee!” and then we move him and five minutes later we have to tell him again.

Here is a by no means complete list of things our cats think they are, which in fact they are not.

Cats aren’t…

  • Coffee
  • Mixed drinks
  • Craft supplies
  • Dirty dishes
  • Work essentials
  • Jewelry
  • Car keys
  • Nighttime essentials
  • Electrical cords
  • Perishable items
  • Nonperishable items
  • Garbage (yes… yes they are)
  • Toiletries
  • Window dressings
  • Christmas decorations
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Smart (at least mine aren’t)

Do any of these sound familiar Internet? If so, I’d be willing to wager you’ve owned a cat or two in your day.

I’ll leave you with a few pictures of the cats where they belong:

Des babes.

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DEEZ CATS DOE #catlove #winstonandelliemay

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It is Like There are Two Tiny Fat Monsters in my Apartment

Hey Internet! I realized I haven’t given you an update on Winston and Ellie May since we got them!

I know. Its horrible. YOU NEED YOUR KITTEN PICTURES. But… finals… That has been my excuse for everything for two months.

So. Kittens. I love them so much. And more important THEY LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH. They are best friends. They could care less about me and Adorabeezle. They have each other. I mean:

Cat Love 1 Cat Love 2 Cat Love 3 Cat Love 4 Cat Love 5

They are spoiled rotten, obvi, and have their own cat tree. They love it, but have also managed to destroy it a little – there are no longer mice toys attached to it.


They aren’t graceful #christmascameearly #elliemaywhovier

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For a long time, anytime anyone asked how the kittens were I would say “They are good. Just, you know, destroying everything we love.” And I stand by that statement. EXHIBIT A:

Tree Down

They are growing. They are basically butterballs. Both of them are rather rotund, I keep saying it is because they are about to go through growth spurts, but after Binx I MAY just have a penchant for raising really fat cats, only time will tell.

Fat Cat Ellie

Winnie Curl

Fat Cat Ellie 2

Mostly, we just really love them. I am obsessed with them and miss them terribly when I’m gone. Every two days I look at them and wonder how they have gotten so bug and then I cry…like actual tears… and that does not happen. I am a robot

So the cats are good. And if you want more updates, you should follow me on Instagram because around 85% of my posts are cat related.




Hey Internet! So things have been so crazy around these parts (I had my first test of grad school yesterday – and I crushed it), and I totally forgot that I HAVEN’T INTRODUCED YOU TO ELLIE MAY PENNYWHISTLE!!!!

Ellie May Introduction

That’s right! Winston has a sister!! And they totally love each other.

20960031414_b780c36c3a_o Sleepy Cats

I mean how could I blog with these babies around? (Note the untouched computer in the background of that photo).

Ellie May Pouf


Ellie May Oreos

As you can see, she can be a sleepy baby (and we totally are teaching her right with the Oreos), but this girl has some ENERGY in her – its just easier to take her picture when she isn’t moving at the speed of ninja. She loves playing with her brother and her toys.

Cat Shelves

She is also a snuggle bug with a penchant for trying to suckle blankets.

Ellie May and Liz

So we have our hands full over here, but we are LOVING it.

Happy Hump Day Internet!!

Five On Friday | Things I Have Learned From Winnie the Bish

Hey Internet! Happy Friday! I am smack dab in the middle of a FIVE DAY WEEKEND because sometimes life is GREAT. (Also because: Football. Thank you college football!!)

Anyway, today I wanted to come and tell you five things I have learned since Adorabeezle and I adopted Professor Winston Woolysocks. So far I have learned:

  1. How to bathe a kitten. So I’ve had cats most of my life, but I have never ever given one a bath. Adorabeezle judges me for this, but I maintain that cats are self cleaning! That is one of their best qualities! But APPARENTLY cats need baths (I’m still not convinced overall). Winnie the Bish definitely did though, so I can now say that I have washed my first cat. It was… interesting…
  2. I am not a Ferberizer. (And most people don’t know what that means). So just in case you don’t read as many mommy blogs as I do, Ferberizing is basically the method of letting your baby “cry it out” when when you put them to bed. Its a tad more nuanced than that, but the basic concept stands. Since he is so small, we are keeping Winston in the kitchen  when we are not home/sleeping. After we say goodnight to him and plug in his night light (yes, he requires a night light) we go to bed with the intentions of ferberizing him and not coming out until morning. Professor Winston is not a fan of this plan, and his tiny pathetic kitten cries are so sad.  I can’t stand to let him sit there and “cry it out,” so on more than one occasion I have ended up coming back out and sitting on the couch with him for an extra hour while he sleeps on me and I read or play candy crush. This may become a problem.
  3. I make an excellent cat tree. This one is pretty self explanatory. When Winston is not sleeping he likes to climb us: up our legs, onto our shoulders, onto our heads. This cat loves to climb and I am a GREAT climbing tree.
    Climbing kitty
    shoulder kitty
  4. Kittens can fit into the tiniest spaces you can think of. When we first got Winston home, he was understandably scared. We got him all set up in the kitchen,  I was getting his litter box set up, and it scared him. He was hiding in a corner, and all of a sudden he was gone. We looked and looked and could not find him. And THEN we found out that the bottom of our kitchen cabinets has a hole in it that leads to the corner of the cabinetry (a place that is unreachable for humans). It. Was. Awesome. And by awesome I mean I flipped out. We could hear him in/under the cabinets, but we couldn’t see him or get to him. Luckily around 5 minutes later he crawled out from a similar hole on the other side of the kitchen (apparently there is a secret passageway that links to two corners). Luckily he didn’t go back into the cabinets TOO many more times, and I think he is finally comfortable enough with us to not try to hide, but it was scary when it happened.
  5. I am never going to be productive at home again. All I ever want to do anymore is to lay on the couch and read a book with Winston. This may be a problem seeing as grad school just started… We will see how this goes…
    Sleepy Kitty

Anyway, I hope you have a great (and hopefully long) weekend Internet!

UPDATED: This is what happened while I was writing this:
blogging kitty

An Introduction and a Giveaway!!

Hi Internet! Happy Monday! I am the kind of tired that makes me go “Buzz your girlfriend. Woof.” But I wanted to stop by today because of two VERY EXCITING THINGS.

The first thing you may have found out via Instagram or facebook or twitter, but I wanted to make an official introduction.

Internet, meet Professor Winston Wollysocks of Meoxford University aka Winnie the Bish aka aka aka Grey Waffles (brown lightning was taken):

Winnie the Bish

He is one month old, he weighs one pound, and Adorabeezle and I are fostering him in order to adopt him once he is old enough to get neutered.

naptime with Winnie the Bish

His PhD is in cuteness, obvi.


I am totally in love, so if I don;t post for a while it is because I am taking a catnap with the kitten FOR DAYS.

In other exciting news, A GIVEAWAY!

These ladies and I are giving away this beautiful Kate Spade cosmetic bag set and I am super jealous of whoever wins. Enter below!kslemonsAnne | Christina | Lindsay
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