I’ve Caught the Resolutions Bug

Hey Internet! I’m back! I’m still home in the suburbs of Chicago (and being reminded about WHY I left!! I’m looking at you ICE STORM!) And really trying to soak up the down time while I have it, and also try to set myself up for success in the upcoming semester.

So as I try to prepared for the spring semester, I feel a familiar sensation coming over me… I am catching the Resolution Bug. The Resolution Bug, as I’m sure you know, runs rampant this time of year and EVERYONE seems to catch it in one form or another. My system is SUPER susceptible to the Resolution Bug. It’s bad. Every year I start out thinking THIS YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT, and every year it is the same. I start out strong for a few days, and then peter out within a week or two.

This is not something I am proud of. I make sweeping declarations and I am SERIOUS THIS TIME… for a week and a half… But guys, this year I’M REALLY SERIOUS THIS TIME. I have BIG PLANS for the new year. I’m REALLY GOING TO WORK ON THINGS. And I want to believe myself.

I want to go into this new year with BIG PLANS and I want to stick to them. But to stick to them I need to believe that I will. I need to believe myself, even though I have proven myself to be the quintessential Girl Who Cries Wolf.

So how do I believe me? How do I say “Look Liz, I know you’ve said all of these things before, but you say this time is different and DANGIT! I BELIEVE YOU!”

This is not a rhetorical question. I need somebody trustworthy to vouch for me. Because I clearly cannot be trusted.

So do you have any secrets, Internet? What do you do when you catch the Resolution Bug? How do you keep going once the Bug has passed through your system and you are left to your own devices?

This are Real Questions I have.

3 Responses to I’ve Caught the Resolutions Bug

  1. Megan says:

    I would say it might help to make sure you only set a few goals – they can be big goals, but don’t resolve to change too many things. Also, make sure you have people who will not only keep you accountable to your resolutions, but also tell you that YOU CAN DO IT!! Love you, lady <3

  2. Dan Neves says:

    Assuming that your resolution has something to do with “the righteousness of God…revealed in the gospel” (Romans 1:17 NET), it’s not altogether a bad thing to discover that “your faithfulness is as fleeting as the morning mist” (Hosea 6:4 NET). “Indeed we felt as if the sentence of death had been passed against us,” Paul wrote (2 Corinthians 1:9 NET) “so that we would not trust in ourselves but in God who raises the dead.”

    Peter got a step or two on his own faith. Jesus could stand on the water and hold up Peter as well, not by his own faith as a man, certainly not by His own power as God (or “follow me” is just a cruel joke), but by the “faithfulness” that is one aspect of the fruit of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22, 23 NET).

    Once when I was worried about being filled enough with the Spirit, my brother took me to the sink, turned on the faucet, held a glass under the stream, filled it to overflowing and continued to hold it there. “That’s what the Greek word means,” he said.

    Once we learn to trust Jesus for the faith to trust Him, His love, His joy, His peace, His patience, His kindness, His goodness, His gentleness, and His control follow quite (super-) naturally. The secret is: the fruit of His Spirit is the righteousness of God revealed in the Gospel, the fulfillment of the law and the prophets He promised (Matthew 5:17-20, Romans 13:8-10).

  3. I vouch for you. Let’s be accountable with one another. I just wrote my word of the year post. I want to make tangible and achievable goals. We will see. Today was the first day I was even able to consider 2016 because of everything. And that only happened around dinner time. Haha. Let’s chat soon.xx

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