A Haunting in Orlando

Hey Internet!

So it turns out this whole “Blogging and being in grad school” thing is harder than I originally thought. School is going pretty well, but when I am on campus (Aprox. 700000% of the time) I try to be as school-productive as I can be and then when I go home all I want to do is binge watch Netflix and snuggle with the cats. I was hoping to make my weekends my “blog times,” but when I feel incredibly behind on something I have a very bad habit of just putting it off more (hence the HUNDREDS of unread posts in my bloglovin’ feed).  I ALSO tend to stop writing when my boglovin’ feed has too many unread posts in it. Basically it comes down to me being a bad blogger. #sorrynotsorry.

ANYWAY, not a ton is going on – but one weird this is going on. I think my arm is haunted.

The other day I woke up and noticed I had some long scratches on my upper arm, I’m not a sleep scratcher so I thought it was a little weird, but I just went with it until later when I noticed some small bruises near the scratches. And I DEFINITLY couldn’t remember doing anything to warrant arm bruising. They were little – the kind you may get from an angry mosquito, but they didn’t itch so it was weird. At this point I was a little worried that my arm may be haunted, but I tried to be rational, because I am a VERY rational and NOT AT ALL neurotic person. I mean, I’m getting a master’s degree in math-y stuff, so clearly I am GREAT at being logical. BUT THEN I was sitting on the couch and Adorabeezle was all “what happened to your arm?” And pointed at the back of my arm/shoulder region. And I was like “WHAT? WHAT HAPPENED TO MY ARM? WHAT IS IT? MY ARM IS HAUNTED!!!!” And I ran to the bathroom mirror and it turns out that it was a bright purple quarter-sized bruise and that’s when I started screaming that my armed need an exorcism.

I told Adorabeezle that she was in charge of finding me an old priest and a young priest because she is my resident Catholic down here. And then she pointed out that she didn’t think I knew how exorcism works. And then I told her that I was pretty sure that’s how it worked in the Exorcist, but then I had to admit that I had never actually SEEN the exorcist, but I was still pretty confident that that is what happened based on being a human that exists in the world, but then Adorabeezle was all “Your arm isn’t haunted, you just bruise easily.” Which is EXACTLY what the ghost in my arm wants me to think, but I’M NOT FOOLED ARM GHOST!!!!

So BASICALLY if you know any priests (preferably one young one old) and you want to send them my way, my arm and I would greatly appreciate it. I really just don’t want my story to turn into the next “A Haunting in…” franchise.

Hope you have a wonderful and not-at-all haunted weekend Internet!

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