Five On Friday | Vol. 1 | Because My Fridays Are Real Now

Hey internet! Seeing as I have a real person schedule in which Friday is no longer my Monday (it’s a Disney thing), I figured maybe I would start up on the Five on Friday bandwagon again. I’m hoping to keep up with it (you know I love a good list) but grad school jut started so I make no promises.


I have really been craving art projects recently. I want to learn how to draw more things and also want to try my hand at water colors. I may try to set aside an hour every Saturday to create SOMETHING. I think it would be good for me since I am about to be buried under ALL THE MATH.


idkmybffPaula came into town last weekend and it was so much fun seeing her! I felt like such a bad Floridian because she came to visit me and I never even took her to a theme park. I DID trick her into hanging a shelf on my wall though so… I’m THE BEST friend.

Look at that shelf hanging prowess!!


Our new apartment has an AMAZING tub for soaking and we have been investing in bath bombs and bubble bath recently and it has been so so wonderful to have a way to unwind at the end of the day… Is it bad to take a bath that is more than an hour? I hope not…


I got my new Erin Condren planner and I am LOVING it. I do miss my old (water damaged) one, but this feels like a new start, which seems appropriate for my current stage in life. I want to make sure I keep up to date with it. Organization is so important, but I am so bad at it. I am determined this time around!


I REALLY need some new fall layers for school. It is still so hot outside but the classrooms are so cold! I still have some birthday money, so I think I may need to go shopping this weekend. I want to get ALL THE FALL COLORS. Literally all of them.

Happy Friday Internet!!

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