I’m Writing This From My Shared TA Office Because I Live Here Now

Hello Internet! School is schooling down here in wonderful sunny boiling hot Florida and I wanted to check in! Basically I am at this weird place where I am SUPER MOTIVATED to do ALL THE HOMEWORK…. but I have nothing to do. I am literally preemptively reading my texts books.

This semester is shaping up to be pretty good though – I think I will like my classes and my fellow TAs are great. The only issue is it looks like I will be spending all  my time on campus – between holding office hours and attending lectures and leading discussion sections during the day to taking classes at night to WAITING for my classes to start between the two, I live here now.

Its ok though. We have a nice little room where we can study and meet with students.  We are going to get a coffee maker. (There is also and little cafe on the floor below us that has some pretty good coffee). So I figure that I will be well caffeinated and that being forced to stay on campus will raise my productivity… hopefully…

So far today I have done some work in my planner, read the first sections of two different texts books, drank a LOT of coffee, got SAS installed on my computer, read through my bloglovin’ feed and made some phone calls I’ve been putting off.


Let’s just hope this lasts…. (spoiler alert: it won’t)

But for now enjoy this picture of my coffee and the fact that I BLOGGED!

i heart coffee

4 Responses to I’m Writing This From My Shared TA Office Because I Live Here Now

  1. Nina says:

    I remember that feeling at the beginning of the year. Can you decorate your desk??

  2. bex Stark says:

    i’m so excited to see how you guys decorate the office.

  3. Marcie says:

    I still need those cups.
    Also, I’m reading the blog!! Yay!!
    I love you and I’m glad you’re being so productive. Productivity is key!!

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