Back to School | Live-Tweeting Orientation

Hello Internet! Today is the day! I am going back to school to real-life start my master’s program!

In case you don’t follow me on twitter (or as I like to call it my Instagram Part II – The Reckoning), and you missed my live-tweeting of my grad school orientation, I wanted to come and share with you what a colossal waste of time it was. I could write it out for you, but I enjoyed live-tweeting it so much that I decided to just share the tweets with you.

Let’s do this

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So that was grad school orientation! Have you ever been to a totally pointless meeting?

7 Responses to Back to School | Live-Tweeting Orientation

  1. Alex says:

    This made me LOL. Aren’t all orientations awful, they’re designed for people with no common sense and I always despise those people who raise their hand to ask questions at the end of the presentation (get me outta here).

  2. Nina says:

    I cannot deal with pointless meetings. They make me want to rip my skin off but you did get that foam sword? Go Chargers?

  3. that sword is going to come in handy also i hope your first day went well!

  4. Yay for going back to school! I miss that back to school feeling 🙂 And congrats on starting your Masters! Orientations are always so torturous! I transferred to Cal State in 2007 and had to sit through an 8 hour orientation about transfer stuff only to find out the degree program was totally different than in Texas so I was years behind. Then I transferred back to Texas a few years later and had to do the same thing lol. Good luck this semester!

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