I have just met you and I love you | Guest Post

Hey Internet! My amazing friend Megan is here today with a crazy but true story she volunteered to share on the blog while I continue to let life get away from me.


Hello, internet! It’s Megan, back to share with you another story about crazy animals in the Chicago suburbs. Sadly, this story does not feature a wallaby, but it does come with pictures, so I think it all evens out.

About two months ago I moved back to Illinois from Colorado. Saying it has been a bit of an adjustment is a major understatement. I do not love summer in the Midwest. Because, HUMIDITY. So on Saturday we had a worker come to our townhouse to re-paint the front door.

What I learned is that they paint the door while it is open, and then you have to leave the door open while the paint dries. Otherwise the door will get stuck shut. Internet, it was SO HUMID on Saturday! And with the front door open we had to turn off the air conditioning. The house slowly became more and more humid. I was lying on the couch not wanting to ever move. Then I saw this squirrel chilling on our front porch

Squirrel 1

Obviously seeing a squirrel on the front porch is a totally normal occurrence in suburban Illinois (unlike seeing a wallaby in your back yard). But at this moment with how lazy and miserable it looked, this squirrel was my spirit animal.

Not long after, I got up to get myself some water (PSA: stay hydrated, internet!). On my way to the kitchen, I see that THE SQUIRREL IS LEGIT IN OUR HOUSE!!

Squirrel 2 Squirrel 3

Thankfully, all my yelling, laughing, and taking pictures startled the squirrel enough to run back out to the porch. I thought this would be the end of the story. I was wrong.

Maybe 20 minutes later, we hear a noise in the kitchen. Can you guess what is making the noise?

Did you guess the squirrel?

Squirrel 4

THE SQUIRREL WAS IN OUR KITCHEN!! It had been trying to escape out the window, but the window was closed. Silly squirrel. In this picture it appears his next target would have been the fruit bowl. Thankfully, we were again able to scare it out of the house.

So, that was my weekend, internet. How was yours?

Megan Sig


How amazing is this?!? I swear Megan is an animal whisperer or something!!




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4 Responses to I have just met you and I love you | Guest Post

  1. Alex says:

    I don’t know how you didn’t scream while trying to take these photos. It reminds me of that scene in Christmas Vacation when the squirrel gets in the house and hides in the tree.

    • Megan says:

      Alex, I think the whole thing was just so surreal – I was trying hard not to laugh too loudly and scare it away before I could get pictures!

  2. Nina says:

    NO WAY! I would have flipped!!!

    Also, why has Liz not introduced us? I am in Chicago!

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