A Quarter of a Century

Hey Internet, it’s been a lot of doom and gloom around here recently (which frankly I feel is appropriate) but today is going to be different. Today is my birthday and today we are going to be happy! So help me!

As much as this summer has SUCKED, I am being like Elsa and letting that all go today (ugh. Did I just make a Frozen reference? Barf me to death). Today is going to be a celebration. A CELEBRATION I SAY! 

There will be old roommates and new roommates and manicures and pedicures and amazing dinners and free Starbucks and SO MUCH BIRTHDAY!!! There will be dranks and chocolate and there has already been a bath in our SOAKING TUB. (My new apartment is the ish guys). 

Today I will celebrate a quarter of a century on this earth and it. Will. Be. Epic. 

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What are your favorite birthday things Internet?

4 Responses to A Quarter of a Century

  1. Happy birthday! don’t be ashamed of that frozen reference. elsa is the ish.

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope it was epic! Mine was two days before yours – and one of my favorite things to do is get a Happy Birthday pin from Disney and reap the love at the parks. 🙂 Yay, cast-members!

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