My Pathetic Attempt to Control My Life

Hey Internet! If I were sitting across a table at Starbucks from you right now, I would sigh a big sigh and say, “Life… Amiright?” Because life, Internet… Amiright?

Ok. So sometimes life totally throws me. I will be going about my day thinking about how excited I am for grad school or how awesome cats are or whether or not I can pull off hipster glasses and then all of a sudden life happens and I realize how little control I have over the world (shocking, I know).

Of course, when this happens all I want to do is find a way to control my life (something so destined for failure its almost not even funny… almost). I just want so badly to trick myself into thinking I can control stuff because it sounds easier than just accepting the fact God’s plan is better than mine, even when I don’t understand it.

So instead of doing the healthy thing and trying to accept what I cannot change (is that what they say in AA? Does this make me sound like a alcoholic?), I do things like watching this THIRTY MINUTE video about how this chick arranges her planner:

Thirty minutes guys. I watched the entire thing and then decided I NEEDED some of these stickers and spent about an hour on Etsy favoriting a ton of them so I could eventually buy them and THEN MY LIFE WOULD BE A-OK….. It’s funny when people are wrong isn’t it?

It occurred to me while I was scrolling through HUNDREDS OF STICKERS that maybe (just MAYBE) this was a subconscious ploy on my part to put off dealing with real life, BUT THE STICKERS! THEY CALL TO ME!!!

Ironically, no one on Etsy make stickers for your planner that say “Hey crazy! It’s time for therapy!”** They make speech therapy stickers and physical therapy stickers and occupational therapy stickers. They make dentist stickers (I NEED THESE) and doctors stickers and vaccination stickers, but no “life is hard, get thee to therapy” stickers. Why is this?! They have have “order your pills” stickers and “change your contacts” stickers and “you have your period” stickers. But they never think that maybe if somebody is obsessively sticker-ing their planner that maybe (just MAYBE) that person may also be in therapy because LIFE IS HARD? C’mon Etsy!!

So the moral is this: life is hard and I don’t get to be in control of it, but I still REALLY want some of these stickers because I am really bad at organization and these could maybe (just MAYBE) help with that a little? Maybe? Or am I just making excuses at this point? What do you think, Internet?

What are your coping skills when life gets to be LIFE…amiright?

**Just a disclaimer, I DON’T think therapy is for crazy people. This is hyperbole. Obvi. (At least I hope it is Obvi).

6 Responses to My Pathetic Attempt to Control My Life

  1. Alex says:

    Don’t tempt me with stickers. The second I see a fancy planner with all these add on’s and accessories I always tell myself I need it even though most weeks I would never write in it at all.

  2. can’t wait to hug you in person.

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