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Hello Internet, and welcome to a new series I like to call Shows I am Always Unsuccessfully Begging People to Watch or  SIAAUBPTW for short. This will be a monthly? ish? feature in which I tell you about some of my all time favorite shows that I a CONSTANTLY telling people about and trying to get them to watch, and then CONSTANTLY failing to peak peoples interest. (Side note: This is why I am never going to be in sales. Apparently I am not very good at it).

But I am going to try here. Please, Internet give this shows a chance!! For the first installment I will be telling you about:


The Show: PSYCH!!

The Premise: Shawn Spencer, who has a keen eye for details, and his best friend Burton Guster (Gus for short) open up a psychic detective agency (despite the fact that Shawn is not, in fact, psychic). They work with the Santa Barbara police to solve crimes, while trying to keep their secret.  Shenanigans ensue.

Why You Should Watch It: Psych is great because it basically applies to all sectors. It is a comedy first and foremost, but it is also crime solving show. It’s a fantastic buddy comedy, but it has a romantic aspect too. From teenage boys to grown women – everybody can enjoy this show. Seriously. Anybody. Yourself included.

Fun Facts: There is a pineapple in/mentioned in every single episode of Psych – watch and see if you can find them!
USA made Psych: The Musical, a full length feature that is amazing!

Favorite Quotes: There are some great ones, but my all time favorites have to be when Shawn tells Gus not to be …. (fill in the blank). Here are just a few:

Gus don't be a (2)

I also LOVE the names Shawn uses to introduce Gus to new people:

This is my partner...

Favorite Episode: Episode 100: 100 Clues – this one is especially good if you have seen/love the movie Clue!

Where You Can Watch It: Netflix! Netflix has all 8 seasons AND the musical!!

Have you ever seen Psych, Internet? Would you be willing to try? I promise – it is so good!

6 Responses to Shows I am Always Unsuccessfully Begging People to Watch | Psych

  1. Alex says:

    My cousin is obsessed with Psych, he keeps telling me that it has our sense of humor associated with it. I’ll add it to the list of shows I need to catch up on, haha.

  2. Nina says:

    I have seen it play on TV in the background? If I watch it, does that ruin your streak? lolllllll

  3. Alicia says:

    I love Psych! Oh my goodness I watched it from the beginning and now own all the seasons on DVD. And I am regularly astounded that not more people watch/adore this show! So hilarious!

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