Why I Don’t Care that Nobody Reads my Blog

Ok Internet, I lied in this title. I DO care if people come to this little space. I have worked hard on this blog (although to admittedly varying degrees over the years) and I want it to have good content for people who do read it like.

But I’m just really tired of reading posts like “Why Nobody Reads Your Blog,” “Why You Never Have Any New Blog Traffic,” “Why Nobody Likes You and everybody Hates You – Seriously You Should Just Go Eat Worms Already.”

I get it.

They all have the same advice: you need pinnable images! You need to be consistent! You need to be super active on social media!! And while all of those things can be good things, that’s not what I’m interested in.

Listen, I know these posts offer good advice for those who are looking for it, but whenever I read them I feel like I’m supposed to feel ashamed of my erratic schedule and my lack of high quality images. And I’m not. My blog is about my life and my life is erratic. For the most part I’m telling stories or sharing thoughts, most of which aren’t really what I would call pinnable material – I don’t live a Pinterest life and in many ways I don’t want to.

My life is messy and weird and I like that my blog reflects that.

And no, I’m not reaching an incredible amount of people. And if I was ever going to go viral it would have been through this post. That ship has sailed. But I like my little space here. I know it’s small, and I’m ok with that.

I don’t have the time to build this blog into a business or a huge community. I have bigger priorities – like school and work and making sure my cat doesn’t starve to death (fat chance. Literally. That cat be fat.) So I’m treating this space accordingly – as something fun I like to do.

As such, I want my actual content to be my writing. If I don’t have a picture for the story I’m telling, then oh well. It’s the STORY I care about. That’s why I want people to be here.

And I understand that many people don’t feel that way – they want more readers, they want to monetize their blogs and they work really really hard on that. And that’s GREAT. For them. I have mad respect. But I’m tired of feeling like a blogging minority. I’m tired of being told that my blog isn’t worthy of new traffic because some weeks I’m lucky to get a single post out. I’m tired of feeling pressured to comment on every post I ever read ever, because I am in introvert and that just sounds EXHAUSTING.

I do try to attract some visitors, but mostly through a long standing sponsorship on one of my favorite blogs, run by one of my favorite people. I mean my girl Nina is killing it, and if you want some pinnable images you can go visit her, she has plenty to spare (she even provided the image above. Look at that talent!). But for me, I’m going to be here. Telling stories about my cat and sharing iPhone photos and posting somewhere between 1 and 4 times a week (let’s be real – 4 is dreaming BIG right now). I’m going to keep typing blog posts on my phone while on my lunch break, and I’m cool with that.

So I’m leaving this place as it is – why did this warrant a post if I have no advice and I’m not changing anything? Because sometimes you have to speak up as the little guy. Even if nobody is reading it.


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18 Responses to Why I Don’t Care that Nobody Reads my Blog

  1. YES! This! For so long I have been like why are people writing hateful posts like: Why *I* won’t Read *YOUR* Blog. Um. Okay. Then don’t. You do you and I do me, right? Right, Liz. AND THAT IS WHY I LOVE YOU, TINA FEY.

    You, not just your lady bits, are en fuego.

    (for anyone else reading this comment wondering about the above statement please click the link Liz provides about which of her posts would go viral. k thanks.)

  2. Meagan says:


  3. Jamie says:

    But seriously!! Thank you makes me feel better! And I read your blogs, because I in fact appreciate a real live twentysomething doing her thing.

  4. Alex says:

    I for one, love the realness of your blog. You always have a great sense of humor and your posts are relatable so if all else fails you have at least one reader, haha!

  5. Linda Rusenovich says:

    Good for you, Liz! Set your own priorities and keep on being real.

  6. Stephen says:

    Amen to all that! I pointedly don’t read the ultra-cool blogs, or the blogs that try to be very cool, because they always feel so smug: “hey, look at my perfect life with a gorgeous house and 2.4 children”. Well, my life ISN’T perfect. My life is ups and downs, ground-in dirt, freezing mornings, sweat, sunburn, beautiful skies, waving grain fields, libraries, Mass, philosophy, books, confusion, shortness of money, coffee and feeling alive. I want to read blogs by people who are ALSO in the imperfect real world!

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  8. Faith says:

    Oh my gosh girl!! I love you and I love this post! I totally get where you are coming from…I’ve totally hit the “burnout” phase and I’ve been feeling like such a horrible blogger! You just made my day with this post!! I love your blog BECAUSE you are so real! Thanks for that!!

    • Liz says:

      Thanks so much girl! We all go through phases and I’m just tired of being told I should feel bad that I’m not posting consistently.

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  10. Congrats for getting your voice out there and speaking out for us “little” guys who don’t get the largest amount of blog traffic but still enjoy blogging because its our little space to call our own 😀

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