An Internet Surprise!!

Surprise, Internet! It’s Adorabeezle Winterpop! Liz asked me to do a guest spot on her blog, so here I am! In my blogging days I was a fashion and beauty writer, but I don’t do that anymore. It was quite exhausting to be honest. So I’ll be here from time to time talking about… stuff? I don’t know yet. We’ll figure that out. I’d thought I start with Liz’s (In)Frequently Asked Questions. Here we go!

Q: What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
A: Would I be really boring if I said flurries? I like candy all up in my ice cream.

Q: If you were a tree what kind of tree would you be?
A: Sugar Maple. You probably didn’t know this, but I come from a line of maple syrup producers and I eat waffles at least twice a week.

Q: What is your favorite show to marathon?
A: I think it’s a tie between Law & Order: SVU and Criminal Minds

Q: What is your guilty pleasure jam?
A: This is hard because “guilty pleasure” implies that there’s a certain amount of embarrassment implied, and I am not ashamed of my music. However, this one requires more explanation:

Q: What is your favorite jam in terms of preserves?
A: Grape. There is only grape.

Q: Are you pro-daylight-savings-time?
A: I like the one where you get more sleep.

Q: What IS it with Michelle Pfeiffer?

Q: What are your top three crafting activities?
A: Um, planning to craft, never actually crafting, waiting for Liz to craft something for me.

Q: If you were a baked good, what would you be?
A: Cookies are wonderful. I am wonderful. Therefore I am a cookie.

Q: Who is your spirit animal?
A: Probs this guy
This Guy

So that’s my extremely brief introduction. See you soon, Internet!

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***A note from Liz: Hey Internet aren’t you SO EXCITED to meet Adorabeezle. Fun fact: she actually wrote most of these questions in the first place.***

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  1. LOL this was a much needed read, you crack me up chick! xo Amanda

  2. This post was hilarious! Thanks for making me giggle 🙂 I love the unique questions!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

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