Thursday Thoughts | Vol. 8

Dang, Internet! It’s Thursday! What am I thinking?!?

Beautiful Things

I think…

… That I need to pay closer attention to my calendar because it’s almost 7 and I JUST realized that it’s Thursday.

… That I CANNOT WAIT to see Pitch Perfect 2 tonight! It’s going to be aca-awesome!

… That celebrating Adorabeezle Winterpop’s birthday tomorrow is going to be epic.

… That I’m going to be working A LOT in the next few week. We can do this!!

… That sometimes you maybe might set your pet on fire. Just accept it.

… That you are beautiful. Remember that.

What are you thinking today, Internet?

4 Responses to Thursday Thoughts | Vol. 8

  1. Alex says:

    I’m going to see Pitch Perfect next tuesday! I’ve been waiting forever to see it, let me know how it is (obv its gonna be amazing!)

  2. Ahh! I can’t wait to see Pitch Perfect! Was it good?!

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