Thursday Thoughts | Vol. 7

Hey Internet! It’s Thursday and I almost forgot to think!!

As per usual, I’m typing this on my phone because I’m not the best at the whole life-thing. Please bear with me.

Beautiful Things

I think…

… That one of the best feelings in the world is cleaning your apartment after it being a mess fit weeks.

… That summer break is THE BEST idea.

… That it is too hot. (I KNOW I moved to Florida, but c’mon!)

… That I’m going to have Thai food and Mexican food this week. #TreatYoSelf

… That the New Girl season finale was on point #WinstonBishopIsMySpiritAnimal

… That meeting blog friends in real life is the best.

Bex @ Butcher’s Niche

… That I am literally the worst at bowling. Literally.


… That you should enter this giveaway:

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What are you thinking today Internet?

5 Responses to Thursday Thoughts | Vol. 7

  1. Alyssa says:

    Mexican AND Thai for the win! Sounds delish 😀 Those office supplies are seriously the cutest. I think my workdays would be at LEAST 50% more enjoyable if I got to look at them all day. Happy almost-Friday!

  2. Stephen says:

    I hear you on the subject of cleaning. Somehow life feels lighter the more things I chuck in the wheely-bin!

  3. alex says:

    I think offices should close down for some time in the summer just like the schools do!

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