Six Confessions and a Giveaway

Hey Internet! Happy Tuesday! Or, more aptly happy LAST DAY OF THE SEMESTER! I just finished my last final and I am FREE…. Til grad school starts in August….

Anyway today I thought I’d bring you some good ole’ fashioned confessions from the last few weeks. Here we go!

I confess…

… That I spent A LOT of time avoiding studying yesterday. I did dishes and cooked things and made coffee and learned snapchat and did basically everything I could not to study. (It didn’t really matter. The test went well).

… That we have 42 (yes I counted) empty wine bottles in our apartment. Soon to be 44. Our apartment doesn’t recycle and we don’t want to just toss them. Anyone know of a super easy (I’m talking THE MOST EASY) craft I can do with them. Remember, I can’t spray paint.

… That my first impulse after my final was over was to treat myself to Whole Foods or lunch. Best ever decision

… That I still have starburst jellybeans in my pantry.

… That my apartment is a mess and it’s all my fault. I’ve just been leaving books and papers and mail and shopping bags everywhere. Tomorrow is a cleaning day.

… I the spirit of yesterday, I have never seen Star Wars. And I have a lot of geek friends. I don’t know how I’ve managed it. That being said, I can tell you the names of most of the leading players, so that counts for something right?

… That I think you should enter this awesome giveaway:

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What are your confessions Internet?

6 Responses to Six Confessions and a Giveaway

  1. Kim Pincombe Cole says:

    My desk faces a huge window – I love the natural light! It has a downside though, as it’s easy to get distracted & daydream!

  2. Alex says:

    Yay for being done with finals! We recently got a whole foods in our area and I was shocked at the amazing to-go options they had, I was in heaven! Also I love a pop of color in my workspace, it keeps me motivated when my space if colorful.

  3. Tracy says:

    Hi Liz, just found your blog and had to share that I’m also back in school getting another degree even though I already graduated with a couple before this. Congratulations on being done with finals! Mine start on Friday!

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