Thursday Thoughts | Vol. 5

Hey Internet! It’s Thursday so I’m thinking…


Beautiful Things
I think…
  • that it is CRAZY that today is my last day of classes before starting grad school in the fall! #wheredidthetimego?
  • that I MAY have gotten out of control with the spending this week… But I can’t wait for my cold brew coffee maker to get here today!! #thanksamazonprime (That is if TINA actually does her job #tinathemailcarrier #mortalenemy)
  • Up is one of the greatest cinematic treasures of all time
  • that it is about time to get another tattoo
  • that iced tea is possibly the best thing to ever happen to me.
  • that it i maybe time to do a DIY blog redesign (any tips for an amateur who can’t afford professional help?)
  • that free Earth Day cupcakes at work are the best cupcakes #HappyBirthdayAnimalKingdom
  • that my hashtag game is out of control.
  • that I am seriously craving a fun floral dress #sendhelpormoney
  • that documentaries with Adorabeezel  Winterpop are my JAM!

What are you thinking today, Internet?

6 Responses to Thursday Thoughts | Vol. 5

  1. Alex says:

    UP is SUCH A GOOD MOVIE! I remember seeing it for the first time and laughing and crying (such a whirlwind of emotions). Such a classic.

  2. meagan says:

    yay for hashtags being OUT of control (the only way to be)!!!

  3. amanda@ABW says:

    Free cupcakes? I’m jealous. Wait no #jealous. xo Amanda

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