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Kinda Crafty With Liz

Hello Internet and welcome to a new not-at-all-regularly-scheduled blog feature – Kinda Crafty with Liz!

I’m Liz, that is my giraffe head, and I am kinda crafty. I really like crafts, but I’m usually don’t go about them in the most traitional way. By this I mean I am bad at directions and lazy. So this is a feature where I will walk you through the (usually half-assed) steps I take to make some (hopefully) pretty legit crafts!

Kinda Crafty with Liz will take you behind the scenes and show you, through my eyes, how I do crafts. For my first ever Kinda Crafty I am going to tell you how I made Christmas presents for my friends this year –  DIY Lightbulb Vases!

DIY Lightbulb Vases


So, if you are Liz and you are poor and you want to make something cool, yet budget friendly, for your friends, this is how you go about doing it:

First, in the copious amount of time you spend on youtube, you come across this video. You are drawn to the both the craft and the humor. You file it in your brain as “that would be fun someday,” and go on with your life:

Months later, a lightbulb in your apartment burns out and it is the perfect time to try your hand at this fun new craft! It goes swimmingly:

Lightbulb Vase


Additional months pass and suddenly you realize that Christmas – it’s just around the corner. You want to make something cool for your friends, but you are having a hard time thinking of something until:

Light Bulb

So you make a list of recipients and you go to Walmart and buy some lightbulbs.

That night,  you put on you fake hipster glasses and sit in your kitchen disassembling lightbulbs.

Safe D Begins with Me

You notice that these lightbulbs seem to be different than the one that burnt out and are having a bit of a harder time with them. You look at the box and notice a little word you hadn’t seen before:


You ask your roommate if halogen is poisonous. She googles it and tells you  yes, yes it is. The good news is that there isn’t enough halogen in a light bulb to kill you. You ask if there is enough halogen in twelve lightbulbs to kill someone… She does not know.

After the first three lightbulbs you start to feel a little funny and you decide that maybe you should return them and get non-halogen bulbs.

You put them in your car but you forget to return them.

The next time you go to Target you go to the lightbulb section and find out one very important fact: Target only sells halogen lightbulbs. You decide to throw cation to the wind and buy some more halogen lightbulbs.

This is fortuitous because you will end up going through double the lightbulbs you need – all the Walmart and all the Target lightbulbs. Some will crack. Some will break. One will hard core shatter in you hand. You will bleed. (Maybe you should have worn protective gloves). A month and a half later, after your finger has healed a small bump will remain and you will wonder if it is scar tissue or a small piece of glass embedded in your finger until just the right time when it will enter your blood stream, go straight to your heart and kill you. Your finger may be a ticking time bomb. But never mind that!  Back in the present tense you have lightbulbs to disassemble! This time you turn your kitchen vent on and that seems to help with the fumes.

Once you are done taking the lightbulbs apart you rinse them out and put them upside down in a cereal box with x’s cut in it. This will help them dry. You probably should take a picture of it for your blog… but you don’t.

Once they are dry you wrap them in bubble wrap which is wrapped in tissue paper to create a truly stunning visual.  You tie a piece of yarn around them and attach a large hex nut and a “Merry and Bright” gift tag (Get it? Merry and BRIGHT? Lightbulbs?!? Get it?) Of course you don’t take pictures of this, because you really are a horrible blogger.

You mail some, you take some home and you bring some to Denver. They go over pretty well with all your friends and are totally worth all of the life risking that was involved.

Thanks for joining me today for Kinda Crafty with Liz! I’ll be back with more… at some point…

What are your favorite Christmas crafts?

4 Responses to Kinda Crafty With Liz || DIY Lightbulb Vases

  1. Nina says:

    You are hilarious. Thank you for my merry and bright Christmas and everything you did to make it happen.

  2. Alex says:

    What an awesome idea Liz, it would be perfect for my work cubicle because I don’t have a ton of space for a big plant.

  3. meagan says:

    omg i am dying at the picture of you with the mini giraffe. THE BEST!

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