The Great Roommate Date!

Hey Internet! I mean to write a post about something else, but I am in a food coma and am just going to tell you about last night.

Sunday was my roommate’s one-year anniversary with the Disney company, which is kind of a big deal. We went to Boma Flavors of Africa to celebrate last night and It. Was. Amazing.  Boma is a buffet of magic and wonder and condiments and blueberry moscow mules and everything was wonderful. I came home in a food coma, but I also came home with pictures (not pictures of the food because I am not good at plating and it would not look as delicious as it was). But I did get pictures of the lovely ladies I do life with. And I am putting their pictures on the internet without asking them because it is late and they are sensible and in bed. (Holla roomies! if this ain’t ok let me know!) Look how pretty we are:

The Great Roommate Date

This is as close as I get to being a fashion blogger y’all – sneaking in an #ootd post between my two pretty roommates – look at them sitting on those rocks! (does rocks doe) Also that purse cost me $18 in Denver and is basically my favorite thing ever.

Anyway, Happy Anniversary Roommate! I think I have digested my food enough to go to bed – lots of math to do tomorrow!!


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3 Responses to The Great Roommate Date!

  1. Nina says:

    Blueberry Moscow mule. Sold.

  2. Alex says:

    Every time you mention Disney World I shed a little tear and am green with envy but I live vicariously through you. Also love that scarf I have one almost identical!

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