The Great Bangs Debate

I have a lock of my friend’s hair in a little box on my bookshelf. I know that’s kind of a strange way to start a blog post, but it feels important.

I have a lock of my friend’s hair in a little box on my bookshelf, and to me that is friendship. Other people have used different words for it: weird, gross, “Ew! Why is there hair in here?!,” but to me it is just pure unadulterated friendship. It’s my friend Jackie’s hair – she gave it to me after she got a haircut that was particularly hard for me to handle emotionally.

I am very emotionally attached to hair. Not just my hair either – my friends’ hair too. It may not be quite healthy… I also tend to make friends who have beautiful, thick, long hair who then tend to cut it, and it hurts my soul.

A love of long hair was instilled in my from a young age (thanks mom) and I’ve never out grown it. My mom cried the first time I got more than a trim (I cut my hair from butt-length to mid-back length in middle school). And now, as proof that I am becoming my mother,  I find myself desperately trying to talk my friends out of hair cuts. When idkmybffPaula joined the Navy I really almost cried when she had to cut all her hair off – she has think blond hair that I literally want to steal from her head so I can put it onto my own – and it was so long when she had to get a Navy cut for basic training.

Lest you think I’m just a crazy person with my friends’ hair, let me tell you I am just as nutso with my own. I am so afraid of change and that does not stop when it comes to hair. I basically always go in saying “I want some layers, but keep as much length as you can” and my hair basically stays the same forever.

Sometimes I dye it and I have had a successful perm or two (its a real thing – you can have a nice perm – the key is a hairdresser who has been cutting your hair since you were 3 and a wavy look). But mostly I don’t change anything to do with length.

But every so often, a question looms…. should I try bangs again? If you are friends with me on facebook, then you have had the distinct pleasure of witnessing my bi-monthly bangs crisis, when I beg the internet to help me make a decision about getting bangs and then I do exactly nothing to change my hair.

After reading the first part of this post, it should not surprise you that this question is usually posed when I am feeling particularly sad and/or lonely. The haircut-emotions link is strong up in here.

So last week, after I had gone from seeing so many of my favorite people to being alone a lot of the time, the question came up again – should I get bangs?*** The internet is split on the subject.

But I decided that I had gone back and forth too much. I am being intentional this year, and sometimes intentionality means taking a risk you have been thinking about forever (yes. I know I am just talking about hair here – just go with it), and so I decided to take the plunge…



I screwed up my courage, went to the Aveda institute, and got an $18 haircut that I love. (Yes. It was $18. If there is an Aveda Institute by you, you should check it out. They are students, but their teachers have to sign off on everything and even take over if they are having a hard time. It was an educator who did my bangs and another made sure my layers were even. So if you want to live on the edge and get a cheap haircut, that is the way to go!)

Anyway, thanks to all my facebook friends for putting up with my agonizing. I realize I am crazy, and am thankful for people who encourage me even when I am a nutcase.

Have a happy weekend Internet, we are almost there!


***disclaimer: normally I do not recommend getting an emotional haircut. It is usually not a good idea. It was just time for it in this case.

6 Responses to The Great Bangs Debate

  1. Okay, I take it back. I kind of love them. And i can’t wait to see your headband, like laying on top of them!!!

  2. meagan says:

    OMG…this post made me laugh out loud. I totally understand though…I have the same struggle with my hair. ANYHOW…you are ROCKING the bangs look…love it!

  3. Alex says:

    I am not adventurous with my hair at all so I always applaud girls who are. Bangs really look great on you, you are one of the few that totally pull them off!

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