Let’s Make a List

Hey Internet! Well it turns out this whole “intentional” thing is hard (who knew?!?)

School has started and I still have a ton of stuff that needs to happen in my room before it is “study ready,” meaning I can sit my computer on my desk and do work (I know – I’m dreaming big here).

Basically there is this whole list of things I want to intentionally get done… But I’m tired and distracted by things I have no control over and I’m trying not to be sad about being back home and… I believe this is what the people call “overwhelmed.”

I’m trying to take it one step at a time: step one: go to class, step two: go to work, step three: pick ONE thing and do it. Step four: repeat.

Basically this grownup thing is hard and I want to take a nap (but I can’t take a nap because my sleep schedule is crazy messed up and naps aren’t helping).

But I’ve whined at you enough. Shall we list things we are thankful for? I think we shall. I am a big believer in lists and they always make me feel better. Here we go:

1) The starbucks I will buy today so I can avoid napping.
2) Bookstores – even when I’m only going in for textbooks.
3) My people. Basically every day I realize that I have the best people in the world. Seriously. The best.
4) A roommate who helped me but together the best finals/get pumped mix of all time.
5) Amy Poehler on audiobook.
6) JAY Z. I feel like i don’t need to explain this. You are either going to understand this on a deep, spiritual level or you won’t and my explaining it won’t help.
7) A blogging small group with some awesome ladies.
8) The WordPress app.
9) Netflix and crocheting.
10) my family, and not the least of which my dad, who is way cooler that your dad I guarantee it. (Hi dad).

Now it’s your turn Internet. What would you put in spot 11?

3 Responses to Let’s Make a List

  1. Alex says:

    Ahhh I just finished Amy’s book a few weeks ago but I bet the audio version is extra amazing!

  2. ~ Carmen ~ says:

    Jay-Z. Enough said. Hova is the best & has gotten me through some rough times. I seriously can’t go through his verse in “New Day” without getting choked up — yes, I rap along.
    :] // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

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