Christmas at the Titanic.

Hey Internet! Seeing as my words haven’t been working lately, I thought I would post pictures of our Christmas at the Titanic.

A Titanic Christmas 2

Some of my absolute favorite favorite Christmas memories are centered around Christmas decorating, so this year I knew it was super important to make the apartment festive. My roommate and I went to Target and the dollar store really did a wonderful job I think. Above you can see our porthole mirrors that we made festive with dollar tree bows. And lights. So many lights! And our tree!

Tree Take 2


I really love our tree. Target had a buy two get one free ornament sale going on, so we were able to get some really great ornaments. We filled the rest of the tree out with baubles from Walmart and the dollar store, and the result was beautiful, if I do say so myself. We went for a red, gold and natural look – lots f woodland creatures, which I love. Themed trees are some of my favorite things and this is the first time I’ve ever really gotten to run with one solid theme..


Ornament Collage

Speaking of woodland creatures, meet Holiday Fox and Joe Pecki:

Holiday Fox and Joe Pecki 2


This is their Christmas card. They are best friends and they are awesome. Holiday Fox is a BAMF and Joe Pecki is his jumpy little side kick (Think the portrayal of Joe Pesci in Jersey Boys). They make me very very happy.

In that Christmas card you can also see my crocheting basket. I am making a hat!.. Maybe… We will see…

We also got stockings! Stockings are one of my favorite things! This year at the Titanic we are filling each others stockings, and I am kind of pumped for it. Of course, we couldn’t leave the cats out!!


And now we come to the Advent Calendars! I have three – One I made after reading this post from the brilliant Bex over at Butcher’s Niche. I love it a lot.

Advent Calandar

The second one I found on sale at a Target Starbucks and jumped at the chance – they had these last year and I gave one to the bestie, but have been secretly coveting one for myself ever since. So when I found it one sale I grabbed it as fast as I could!

Starbucks Advent

The third advent calendar is a card my om sent me. I love my mom so much. Every time she sends me anything (even if it is just something I asked her to send me from home) she sends a hallmark card ans I think it is just the sweetest thing.

Advent Card

Now for the crafts! I got this reindeer ornament at the dollar store and the frame at Walmart. I removed the glass from the frame and hot glued the reindeer to some Christmas paper I had Then I addend some gold glitter tape to the top and bottom and that was that!

Reindeer Craft

I also made this for our light switch. I am planning on doing a whole post on this and a few other things, but for now I will show it to you, because Christmas.

Press for Hot Cocoa

My roommate and I also did a puzzle… we meant to glue it together and frame it, but right now it lives on our table.


So those are the highlights of Christmas at the Titanic! What are your favorite Christmas decorations?

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3 Responses to Christmas at the Titanic.

  1. I LOVE IT. Especially the light switch. And the cat stockings. 🙂

  2. meagan says:

    yay! everything looks so fun! i LOVE the little woodland creatures…how adorable!

  3. Alex says:

    I love all your Christmas decorations, so festive. That light switch is such a fantastic idea (I wish hot cocoa would magically appear when I flipped a switch!).

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