Confessions of a Bad Blogger – A Tour Through Blog Land

Hey Internet! So last week Nina over at Flowers in My Hair featured me in her Tour through Blogland post, so this week I am here to answer some bloggy-type questions and share some awesome lady bloggers with you! Enjoy!

1) What am I working on?

Right now I am working on finishing this semester well. That means a lot of Calculus and not a lot of writing, unfortunately. Blog-wise I’m setting pretty meager goals. I want to post SOMETHING twice a week. This is post number one for this week, so happy Wednesday everybody. Once the semester is over I hope to post 3x a week and get some posts written ahead of time. I know – dream big!

2) How does my work differ from others in it’s genre?

Oy. Do I even have a genre? Is Hot Mess a genre? I suppose I’m a… I don’t know… Humor? Lifestyle? Do blogs really need genres? Some do, and I get that. But can’t others be genre-less? Like ‘Have a schmo with Cory and Topanga!’… Maybe my genre is one in which I make obscure references and hope people understand.

But to answer the actual question, my blog is different from other’s because my blog is me. And their blogs are them. I’m a weirdo so my blog is this weird place where I tell my weird stories. And I’m not saying that to be self deprecating. I like my weird little blog. I like telling the weird stories. I like finding humor in my life. And maybe that makes this blog different. And maybe not. I’ll be honest here – I kind of hate this question. #sorrynotsorry

3) Why do I write/create what I do?

I write because I love it. Because I want my language brain to get some exercise since I seem to use my math brain all the time. I write to record things. I write because I want to be a better writer. And I write because I like finding levity in things. I love comedy and I like being able to remember the funny or silly or embarrassing things in my life.

4) How does my writing/creating process work?

I would love to tell you that when I decide to write I sit down at my pretty little desk and I light a candle and I play some music and I create. I would love to say “Hey! Look at my cute desk! I write here!” But if I told you this, I would be lying.

Because I write most of my posts, this one included, on my phone. I type it in my notes app and I copy and paste it into my wordpreas app and then if I need to add fancy things I may actually open my laptop.

I know this is supposed to be shameful, that “real bloggers” write on their computer with a cup of coffee in an anthropologie mug and they sit down and write five posts for a week and they have photoshop and they know how to use it. (Don’t think I’m hating guys, I would love that to be my life. It’s just not). I write between classes or on my lunch break. Sometimes I will have starbucks or Dunkin in a cup next to me, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I start with a Dunkin in my hand and then I walk away and leave it somewhere and it is lost forever.

This is not where I write... please ignore the decapitated giraffe...I'm crafting...

This is not where I write… please ignore the decapitated giraffe…I’m crafting…

I don’t really plan out posts. I write as things happen to me. I think of my blog as a labor of love – a place to record what I want to record – and try not to think of it as a responsibility, because when I do that I get bogged down. I’m not trying to grow my blog into a business and I don’t have sponsors, so I really only have to answer to myself and decide what I want this space to be. (Again – I am NOT hating. All of my favorite blogs have sponsors and many of them are growing into businesses and I think that is awesome and I totally support that, but I don’t have the time to dedicate to that, so I’m not going to try). I want this space to grow and to be more than what it is now, but realistically that’s not happening right now and I’ve come to accept that. Right now I’m just loving my little corner of the Internet, and hoping some other people do too.

So there’s that! Now that I’ve laid out all my blogging shortcomings (I think this was supposed to be a “sell yourself” post. Obvi I nailed it), I’m going to introduce you I some bloggers who probably know a lot more about what they are doing!

Check out these ladies pretty please. Click them links! (Clearly I am missing my calling by not having sponsors – look how good I am at promoting people!)

With a Heart in Danger

Meet Allie from With a Heart on Danger

My father (whom I’ve never met) wanted to name me Axel, after the lead singer of Guns N Roses, but my mother had a dinosaur (similar to having a cow, but much more dramatic) and insisted on a more ladylike name, such as Anastasia. Thankfully, they settled on something a little less intense than both of those and I came out, kicking and screaming, bearing the name of Alexandra. I’ve gone by Alex, Lexi, Lexis, Alexa, and Zandra (that was a weird time in my life), but ultimately came down on Allie. You can call me anything you want, really; I’m open-minded.
I grew up in Texas in a tiny town with a four-way stop in the center. I live in Alaska now, and yes, it was quite the adjustment. I didn’t even know they MADE sleeping bags for -40 degrees but they do. And I’ve used one. I also had no clue that I would come to love ice skating and sweaters as much as I do. In Texas, we threw hissy fits if we had to wear anything with sleeves. Ever.
I’m currently living the shifter’s lifestyle – from a to b, from b to c, and back to a. I enjoy travel, horses, candles, and all things blogging.

One Hoolie Mama

Meet Suzanna from One Hoolie Mama

My name is Suzanna and I’m the mama to more than a few hooligans (affectionately referred to as “hoolies”). I’m a wife, boy mom (#babyD2 is due in February!), fur mom (to five dogs and a cat, at the moment), runner and fitness enthusiast, blogger, volunteer, who also happens to work full time. I love to cook & bake, and therefore have to run and workout to counteract said cooking and baking. I like to try my hand at DIY and crafty type projects. I’m a total chocoholic and coffee junkie and (when I’m not pregnant) really love a glass of red wine.

Happy eating tomorrow Internet!

10 Responses to Confessions of a Bad Blogger – A Tour Through Blog Land

  1. Julia says:

    Hahaha, I kind of hated the genre question too when I did this! And I don’t have much of a writing process either, though I am trying! I actually wrote some blog post ideas down in my planner this week! Shocker! 😉

  2. If anyone blogs with coffee in anthro cup with a candle lit at the perfect desk in the perfect home, I probably don’t read their blog. I prefer blogs with decapitated giraffes.

  3. Suzanna says:

    So, the decapitated giraffe totally intrigues me…

    Yeah, I can’t get ahead enough to really plan out any posts either and my blogging comes in spurts – usually late night or early morning, depending on how the baby sleeps 🙂

  4. Alex says:

    Everyone blogs using what works best for them, and nobody should have to conform to a certain system. I always enjoy your honesty and humor in your posts, it’s something unique and fun!

  5. Alexandra says:

    I love this!! And thanks so much for featuring me. Also, I got the Cory/Topanga reference. <3 Let's be friends.

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