Hey Internet! I’m sitting here eating ice cream and trying to update you on things, but I worked all day and I’m just so tired, so… Here we go:

Life Lately

One. Who has two thumbs and hasn’t been able to flush her toilet like a real person in over a week? THIS GIRL #titanicproblems

Two: We keep getting other peoples mail delivered to our apartment. Today we got a package fro Amazon. This girl loves her some Amazon and it has been very hard not to open it. #thestruggleisreal

Three: I dropped my iPhone in a public toilet today. On the bright side it still works, on the not bright side, I dropped my dropped my iPhone in a public toilet. #iputthatonmyfacedude

Four: I asked my roommate to write this blog post for me and this is what she said: “I imagine this feels like it did to sail the first Titanic. Jot this down: You come in very excited; the common areas are spacious, there’s so much room for activities. There are shiny things in the kitchen. But then some cabins are surprisingly small. I don’t know, you just come in with all this hope and then things start leaking. Like there’s water everywhere. I don’t know. You start to lose faith in the captain, but you can’t jump ship yet because otherwise you face sudden and certain death (and by that I mean homelessness).” #comicrelief

Five: The craziness is over and I have started a mystery novel #livingthelife

Six: Binx just full on stole a chicken bone from my roommate’s plate. #datcatdoe

That’s it folks. I promise one day soon I will have real life post that is good and funny and not a list. But not today. Now I’m going to watch some New Girl.

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  1. Nina says:

    #youcrackmeup #keepitreal4eva

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