The Cat in the Linen Clost

The cat did not understand why he was being treated this way. The giant hairless cats who normally fed and petted him, were now forcing upon him countless injustices. First they clipped his nails and glued strange purple things on them. Then they coaxed him into a giant box that appeared to be moving. For days on end this box moved, only stopping at night where the cat would have to search, often in vain, for a new hiding spot.

After two days of the large box moving at increasingly alarming speeds, it seemed that once again the cat would be forced to endure this travesty.

He was locked in the much smaller box, with holes cut in the sides, that the giant hairless cats used to transport him to the moving box of doom. But this time, instead of being put inside, he was trapped in the holey box, forced to watch as the moving box of doom crept towards him. It kept moving until it hit his tiny jail! The horror! The indignity! But if that wasn’t enough, it happened a second time! This was the moment the cat knew he was going to die. This giant moving box was going to be the end of him. He would not survive.

After another day of entrapment they finally, mercifully, stopped. He was once again let out of the tiny hole-box. The new horrible place was smaller than his home, and much more empty. That is until the giant hairless cats began to bring new things inside, stacking them haphazardly all around him.

The cat did not trust this strange place and hid under what the giant hairless cats had called a “futon” for the next several hours. That night he and his (previously) favorite giant were locked in a room and forced to sleep on a mattress on the floor. The cat thought this was rather crude, and was relieved the next day when they set up a proper bed that he could hide under.

That is until the bed collapsed on him. After that, the cat fled, deciding instead to live in the “linen closet.” It was small, and not as dark as he liked, but it seemed to be the only safe place in this new and dangerous world.

Life Aboard the Titanic and Other Moving Horror Stories

This story is the final installment of a three part series that chronicles my real life moving horror stories. You can find the first two installments here and here


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PS. Binx is fine and has gone back to sleeping under (and on) my bed. He is still unsure, but is getting used to his surroundings. He was not injured by the bed.

2 Responses to The Cat in the Linen Clost

  1. Nina says:

    Don’t tell binx I laughed at him. It is just his mom’s good writing.

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