Better Late Than Never – A Bathroom Tour

Hey Internet! So today I am going to show you some pictures from the bathroom I had at my mom’s house. Yes, I have moved. But I have been talking about sharing these pics for SO LONG that I am going ahead and sharing them anyway.

Things here are kind of crazy and stressful here and I’ve been having a hard time making blog time happen, but hopefully as I get into a routine I will be able to make time. Otherwise, I may need to re-evaluate what this internet space looks like. We will cross that bridge when we cross that bridge.

Anyway, bathroom.

I loved my bathroom, and my whole design centered around one thing:

Bathroom Inspiration

That’s right. I made that. And I love it.

From there I painted walls and added shower curtains and spiffy details and it looked like this:

Bathroom Walls and Shower

Bathroom Counter and Shevles


Rando Bathroom

Notice the hot mess that Marcie and I were while taking these pictures. Life is not always blog-pretty.

Anyway, my brain is melting. I will see you Monday when my second moving story will hopefully be finished.


Love, Liz

3 Responses to Better Late Than Never – A Bathroom Tour

  1. I LOVE IT. Haha You are the best!

  2. Alex says:

    OMG that is hilarious! That’s awesome you made that, you are quite talented (with a great sense of humor!).

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