A (Belated) Birthday Recap

Hey Internet! It has been flippin’ FOREVER. Moving was CRAZY and I am still recovering from the exhaustion, but I wanted to pop on by because Wednesday was my birthday!!! And I like my birthday. So I thought I would pop on by and tell you about my birthday! Tomorrow I will be back with an announcement and then next week I will be back with a more normal blogging schedule!

So Wednesday I turned 24 and had a wonderful roommate bonding birthday! I woke up and had a rice crispy treat and coffee for breakfast.



I told my iphone it was my birthday and Siri sang me a song… Kind of….


Then after we made ourselves pretty, the roommies and I went downtown to The Drunken Monkey Coffee Shop. We had coffee and lunch and played chat pack ( a pack of questions to chat about).

Birthday Food


After that we went to a Barnes and Nobel and looked at ALL THE BOOKS, which was awesome. Then we headed over to Disney’s Polynesian Resort and had birthday sushi at Kona Cafe.

Birthday Dinner


After that we went back home and put on our pjs and relaxed. It was a wonderful birthday, and I was super thankful for all the birthday wishes I got on the internet!


Thanks for stopping by! I will be back with an announcement tomorrow! Happy weekend!

Love, Liz

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  1. Alex says:

    Happy belated Birthday Liz! Looks like you had a wonderful time celebrating! I love that Disney pin, I’ll be in Disney for my birthday and I heard they do special things for you!

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