Finding My Goodbye

One year, seven months and eleven days ago I was getting ready to start a job as a receptionist at a small packaging company in the Chicago burbs. I was both terrified and ecstatic. Terrified that I wouldn’t fit in or that my life would be something out of an NBC comedy series (I love me some Pam, but I do not want to be any version early-series Pam). Ecstatic because after exactly 8 months of unemployment since graduating from college, any real job would have made me ecstatic.

Today I say goodbye. I’ve moved from the receptionist desk to the purchaser’s office to the purchasers cubical (because in a cubical you can be social and in an office you start to talk to yourself). I’ve worked amongst some of the nicest people I’ve ever met and I’ve grown in confidence by leaps and bounds. I’ve learned more about cardboard than I ever thought I would, and while I may not remember what 32ect means in 20 years, I know I will remember the people.

Today, I pack up my desk and pass along my (impressive) staple collection and I try to find my goodbye. I try to express my thanks using Disney Princess Cupcakes and hugs. I will try to tell them how much I’ve appreciated working with them, but my words won’t cut it. I’m a different person than I was one year, seven months and eleven days ago. I am stronger and more confident. I’ve developed the courage to step out of my comfort zone and pursue something I never dared to dream of.

Tomorrow I begin a crazy whirlwind of packing and panicking, but today I will focus on the goodbye. I will soak it in and I will try (and lets be real probably fail) not to cry. I will leave knowing the people I leave behind have supported me and are excited for me to start a new adventure. And that is the best (but also one of the hardest) kind of goodbyes.

Catcher in the Rye Goodbye


So to my coworkers, thank you for a great one year, seven months and eleven days. I’ve had an amazing time and am sad to leave you guys. Thank you for supporting me as I’ve been freaking out over my upcoming move. And thank you just plain old being awesome. I love you guys.

Love, Liz

2 Responses to Finding My Goodbye

  1. Nina says:

    This is such a worthy goodbye letter to what sounds like amazing people. And I will admit that until I got to the staples, I wondered if you would mention your babies.

  2. Alex says:

    Good luck on your new adventures! It’s so sad to leave co-workers but it’s exciting to start a new journey.

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