Disney Tuesday!

Hey Internet!

It’s Tuesday! It’s Disney Day! It’s Disney Tuesday! Maybe that could be a thing – Disney Tuesday! Not every week, that’s too much Disney even for me, but once a month. Maybe. I don’t know. We will see. First we have more observations to get through.

Last week I shared days 1-3

Here we go with 4-6!

Disney Observations Day 4

When you go to Disney, watch your teenagers. They will be texting and get off the bus at the wrong stop and then the bus will have to turn around because a teenager is stranded at Blizzard Beach.

If you play your cards right, you can be done with the Animal Kingdom by 4.

Tigers are cool.

The Festival of the Lion King never gets old.

I drank a drink called the lava lamp. It wasn’t lava.

It’s ok to go to bed at 8:00 on vacation. Just go with it.

Disney Observations Day 5

A good 11 hours of sleep does wonders.

I will always make a super small, super cute, super efficient car in the Test Track Design Space. Who cares about power anyway?

Ducks can learn how to beg. Legit.


Left to my own devises I will eat an entire box of 6 macarons. Thankfully my mom is there to ask “are you going to eat those all?” Thanks for the judgment mom. I’m not anymore.


The words “Hustle Cat” can provide hours of entertainment.


Morocco and Japan have the best (and most cost effective) shopping.

I CAN pull off the floral headband look.


The American Adventure will make you feel all the feels. Be prepared or risk loosing it.

The American pavilion sells all sorts of cool recycled and natural products now. I got some all natural deodorant, so we will see how this goes.

While it sounds totally dirty, poutine is delicious and you should always eat it. Especially if made with truffle fries and a wine reduction.


Dripping some cheese from your poutine into your hot chocolate, does not make either any less delicious.

If you find yourself uttering “So much food… So so much food…” Get ready because a stomach ache is on the horizon.

I still know all the words to “Canada, My Canada” #noshame

There are trees on Epcot that, when combined with a light drizzle will make it look like someone dripped iodine all over you.

I say accidentally inappropriate things sometimes. Is it ever a good idea to tell your mother to take a “wide stance”? #probsnot

Disney Observations Day 6

If you want Frozen merchandise scoop it up when you see it. It doesn’t matter how long the line is. That Sven stuffed animal may be sold out the next time you go to Oaken’s Trading Post.


Sometimes you get suckered into buying things that you won’t need after vacation. But that you REALLY want on vacation. Ain’t no shame. Wear your Frozen Anna magic band with pride. Maybe you can wear it more when you come down again… But sadly probably not for a while…

Disney is stepping up their high class game – if started with Dooney, continued with Vera (Bradley) and we are on to Alex and Ani.

Ain’t nothing wrong with watching Muppet Vision 3D 4 times and going on the Great Movie ride thrice in one vacation.

Only my mother can go into Hollywood studios and almost leave with a new four year old – she made a very nice friend while waiting on me to go on a car ride with Aerosmith.

The only thing more important in a restaurant than good food is good company. Going to the 50’s Prime Time Cafe without the bestie just isn’t the same (that was one of our things). But the PB & J shake was still delicious.

Even when you are exhausted, Fantasmic and Frozen fireworks are always worth it.

So, these posts got shorter as the vacation went on. A 9 day Disney vacation is marathon, not a sprint and I gots TIRED.

So I had an eventful weekend with tons of blog fodder, so hopefully I will be back tomorrow. Unfortunately I have a messy room, tons of empty boxes and a very big move looming on the horizon (less than 2 weeks!!) so I make no promises.

Love, Liz

3 Responses to Disney Tuesday!

  1. Nina says:

    You can definitely rock a floral headband!! And also anything with truffle oil is automatically delicious.

  2. Alex says:

    This is such a cute post. We just made all our dining reservations today, was actually shocked that there were some places unavailable despite us not going until November. Your post made me even more excited for my trip.

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