That Time I Made My Coworkers Cry

Hey Internet! So in order to not flood you with all the Disney stuff ever, I thought I would spread out my observating (yes I so know that is not a real word and I don’t care). So today I have a different kind of story: that time I made my coworkers cry.

As I may (or may not – I don’t know) have mentioned, I have been working at a small packaging company in the Chicago burbs for about a year and a half. I love my job, mostly because I work with a super great group of people. Don’t get me wrong, cardboard is fascinating -FASCINATING – but my coworkers have been what has made my experience so great.

So when I decided to leave and go back to school, I had a lot of emotions. I was sad to leave such a wonderful and supportive work environment. I was nervous to tell them I was leaving – I’d never left a job proper like, and the idea of telling them “Hey! I’m moving! Deuces!” made me all sorts of uncomfortable. I was overwhelmed because OH MY GOSH I’M MOVING AND LEAVING AND SCHOOLING AND WHAT IS LIFE?!?

But I did it up proper and told my boss and HR and they were both very supportive and wonderful and it was such a load off that they knew. You know what they say. Secrets secrets are no fun.

So management knew. The rest of the office didn’t, but I waited a day, mostly hoping an email would go out announcing I was leaving. Because I am a chicken. Lucky for me all my dreams came true and the next day an email went out saying that I was going to be moving to Florida to go back to school and my last day would be July 25.

And Internet, I kid you not, not five minutes later another email goes out saying that our warehouse manager (who everybody loves) is leaving and his last day is July 25th and HE IS ALSO MOVING TO FLORIDA.

So yeah. That happened. I had NO idea.

And that’s when my coworkers started crying. One office loss and they held it together, but after the second it was like a showing of the Notebook up in there.

I felt super bad, so I clocked out for my lunch and screamed something like “I’M GETTING US COOKIES!!” and high-tailed it to Aldi’s.

20 minutes later when I walked in with a bag of chips and salsa and twizzlers and ice cream bars and snickers (but surprisingly enough no cookies) my boss gave me a look that said “WHAT are you doing?” and I just yelled “THEY CRIED!! I made them cry!! I had to buy treats!!”

Clearly I am very helpful and understand the universal importance of emotional eating.*

So, Internet, have you every made a coworker cry? I want to hear about it!!

*seriously, if you cry know front of me I WILL try to force you to eat chocolate. It’s just a given.

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Love, Liz

5 Responses to That Time I Made My Coworkers Cry

  1. Alex says:

    It’s always nice when you have co-workers that you love and would be sad to see you leave. It’s definitely not something you can find in every office.

  2. I live in Florida! (: (and also go to school down here!) Would you be comfortable sharing where you’re going to school? If not, it’s totally cool. I currently attend USF. (: Anyway, that’s super exciting. And I also love this giveaway! I want an apron SO BADLY. I’m always wiping my hands on my shorts (or whatever I’m wearing, and it’s terrible).

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