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Hey Internet!

So instead of blogging on my vacation (like I did last year), this trip I wrote down some of my observations each day so I could share them with you this week.

Now I know it has been VERY Disney-Centric around these parts lately. And that’s because I’m a Disney girl. I KNOW Disney. I love Disney.

And they say to write what you know.

I promise this is not becoming a Disney-only blog. I am almost done with the Disney posts, but while I put some of the posts in my head into a computer (am I the only blogger with no “drafts folder?” Dang me and my unpreparedness!), I am going to share a bit more Disney, because it is written already.

And also, Disney is cool. Why, you be hatin’ Internet? (What’s that? You weren’t hatin’? It’s all in my head? I apologize).

Anyway, we have spent too much time talking already. Let’s get to it! I’m breaking this up into 3 posts because I observate so well and one post would be LONG.

Disney Observations Day 1

70 degrees is way too cold for a hotel room. You will shiver all night. It doesn’t matter if you are sweating when you go to bed. 72 or higher. Always. Especially if you don’t have a ton of blanket options.

Even when you are severely under-caffeinated, never chug a grande caramel macchiato as you power walk in 90 degree heat so that you can get on to a roller coaster. I believe my stomach’s exact words were “what the hell dude?!?”

Eat breakfast. Just… Always. Make time. Even when you are on no sleep and it’s 6:45 in the morning and you have a theme park to get to. Even when you aren’t hungry. Your body needs that fuel.

It’s hard to unplug from your phone, especially when the theme park you are in has an app to organize everything. The line between “slightly unplugged due to vacation” and “Hey I’m waiting in another line. What’s up Facebook?!?” Is surprisingly thin.

Frozen had officially taken over the world.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is just sit and wait for a parade. You don’t need to run everywhere. Especially on a nine day vacation.

It’s never too hot outside for hot chocolate at dinner. Also: restaurants in Florida are very cold.

Not everybody in the happiest place on earth is happy. (I’m looking at you woman who told the people waiting on Main Street for the fireworks (WHICH THEY WERE TOTALLY ALLOWED TO DO) that you hoped we would get run over by somebody. I’m. Looking. At. You).

When you get a chance, pay it forward. You’ll never regret it.

Always ALWAYS thank the cast members working during a crazy holiday. Their day is just as long as yours and involves significantly less recreation.

Sometimes you have to sit in the middle of a huge crowd and pray. That’s totally ok. Great on fact. Just sit down and do it.

Perimeter fireworks (fireworks displays that are set off 360 degrees around the place you are standing) are the best kind of fire works.

Grand Old Flag is the best patriotic song. Followed by This is My Country. It’s ok to dance to them. Who cares if you will probably wind up on YouTube somewhere. Your dance moves are awesome.

74,000 people is a lot of people. Especially when they all are trying to get out of a theme park at the same time. Making up songs and jogging in place does not make the crowd move any faster.*

Disney busses are colder than Anna’s heart after Elsa froze it. By a magnitude of a million.

*note my song went: “Bolt! We’re bolting we’re leaving the park! We’re weaving! We’re swerving! We are getting out! THANK YOU**

** The thank you was directed towards all the cast members I passed.

Disney Observations Day 2

48 hours seems like forever sometimes.

When security wishes you a “Happy Frozen Day,” buckle up. The first day of a Frozen celebration at Disney World is almost as crazy as the Fourth of July. Almost.

Sometimes it doesn’t rain in Disney – it snows.


People will pay $60 a head to ensure they have a good view of Anna and Elsa.

If you see the same girl dressed as Elsa 100 times, chances are she is not stalking you and you’ve just seen 100 separate little girls dressed as Elsa.

Anna is horribly underrated in the preschool crowd.

Frozen has seriously taken over the world.

Magic bands are kind of awesome.

You can never watch Muppet Vision 3D too many times.

I will never get passed the “beaver” ranking in Toy Story Midway Mania, and that makes feel dirty. And that makes me corrupted for feeling dirty.

If you hand me a piece of cardboard on a stick and a hashtag to Instagram, I WILL carry that piece of cardboard all over a theme park. Also: get ready because your Instagram feed is going to blow up. #olafsummervacation


Sven is the best. We need more Sven.

People are 100% willing to wait in a line over an hour so that they can buy frozen merchandise. And that is just the line to get into the store. Once they are in the store they will grab as many Elsa dresses as they are allowed to buy (Five. Five is the limit.) and wait another hour in a line to check out.

Being around people who LOVE Frozen, makes me LOVE Frozen more than I did already.

I kind of hate the wave, and refuse to participate. Sorry if you love it. I just… Don’t…

Fantasmic never ever gets old and I will ALWAYS dance with it and everyone else can just deal.

Frozen Fireworks are not an oxymoron at all they are awesome.

Nothing feels better at the end of a long day than hot chocolate. Even when it is 90 (yet snowing) out.

Disney Observations Day 3

Sometimes a little extra sleep is worth getting to the park after it opens and this experiencing slightly longer wait times.

Venti Iced Cinnamon Dolce Lattes are a snack on the Disney Dining Plan, and your stomach can totally handle a Venti despite the fact you haven’t ordered one in years. Drinking outside under an umbrella next to a fountain is just a bonus.


37 minutes of Ellen And Bill Nye the Science Guy is a great way to relax and also maybe nap.

Gods timing is awesome and perfect. Sometimes you are just walking through EPCOT and you see a dear friend you haven’t seen in four years. And it is wonderful.


Just because an eating area is covered doesn’t mean you won’t get wet. If there are no walls, and it rains, you are going to be eating soggy nachos.

Never wear new shoes to a theme park. They need to be broken in first. At the same time, you should probably check your well-worn tennis shoes for holes. Even if they weren’t there two days ago, they may be there today and when it rains your feet will be soaked. SOAKED I SAY!!!

St. Germain sells awesome cocktail carafes for $7. I am going to buy one.

It is totally possible to have a major existential crisis at Disney. It’s ok. Just try to have fun. Journal when you can and you can work through it when you get home.

Even the cutest toddler you ever did see will inevitably throw up at the table in the fancy French restaurant. That’s how life works. Try not to stare when her parents catch it in a napkin and leave the napkins on the table full of baby vom for the servers to deal with.

You don’t have to see the fireworks every night. It’s ok to go home after dinner and sleep.

I will always call the place I am sleeping at “home” – house, apartment, motel, friend’s couch – all “home” to me.

Bodies are weird. It’s totally ok to answer the question “how do you get blisters like that?” with “how do you NOT get blisters like that?!”

Urban Decay All Nighter Make Up Setting Spray ain’t joking around. It has a job to do and it does it, come rain or shine or sweat.

Disney Resorts have a channel that will read you a bed time story at 10 each night (Channel 17. Check it).

Channel 17 is a lie. There was no bed time story. Just some old cartoons. It was still cool. Just, you know, a LIE.

Channel 17 is not a lie. They read the bedtime story every fifteen minutes starting at 6 and ending at 10. Go to bed kids!!

So there’s that.

Fun fact? Channel 17 reads THE SAME bedtime story every fifteen minutes from 6 to 10 EVERY NIGHT! Want to hear the story of Duffy the Disney Bear? I know it by heart.

Any whoozles-whatzits. See ya tomorrow Internet.

Who here loves Frozen?!

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