My Disney Must Haves

Hey Internet Hey! So this week is dedicated to getting my life ready for vacation, so I thought I would give you a run down on what to bring with you when you are headed out for a day at Disney.

Disney Must Haves


Not to toot my own horn, but I am pretty great at doing Disney. I have officially been to the park more times that it would be feasible to count. This is a list I put together for a day of hard-core touristing. This isn’t what I would bring on a random “hey wanna hit Epcot this afternoon?” day. This is for an all-day-all-out-do-as-many-things-as-you-can day. Also, this is not a list for traveling with kids. You will need way more stuff if you have kiddos in tow.  But if its just the grow-ups, here are the things I make sure I bring:

Section One: The Teeny Tiny Purse

When I go Disney-ing I like to carry a teeny tiny purse. I’m not talking a clutch – that would get old REALLY fast. I’m talking over-the-shoulder. I got my favorite teeny tiny purse for Christmas a few years ago, but the snap has been having issues recently so I replaced it for this trip with a purse from Target.

In my teeny tiny purse I put: My phone, my license, my debit card, some cash, and a folded up park map and times guide (I always pick up a few maps and times guides when I walk into the park – I know Disney like the back of my hand, but for Hard Core Theme Park Days you want a map to plan your route and you NEED a times guide because the show schedules can change from week to week). Obviously the teeny tiny purse holds all of the most important items and for that reason I NEVER take it off.  This isn’t too hard, because there arent very many rides I would need to remove it for – just keep it closed and keep it close.

Teeny Tiny Purse


Section Two: The Back Pack

Yup I carry a purse AND a small back pack when I Disney. I much prefer a back pack to a tote bag or larger purse because it is easier to carry. Yes, it is hot and your back may get sweaty. But to me a sweat back is much better than lugging around a tote bag, constantly switching shoulders and re-gripping. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE a good tote bag, just not for a Hard Core Disney Day. For this trip I got a new backpack. The back pack I had been using is very cute, but it was canvas and didn’t dry very fast and pilled my clothes. The backpack I got came from Walmart – not usually my go-to for accessories, but they had small back packs made of a vinyl-type material that should repel water when it rains (and trust me, if you are going in the summer time it WILL rain).

In my backpack I keep: sunscreen, a bottle of water, hand sanitizer, lip gloss, sunglasses, an extra hair tie, my inhaler (asthmatics of the world UNITE!), and a gallon size ziplock (rain ain’t no joke people) containing: my autograph book (you are NEVER too old to get Mickey’s autograph), a moleskine notebook (in case anything happens that needs to be written down immediately), a pen, a few extra maps (for when you original get wet and falls apart), a couple of bandaids (blisters are no fun) and anything else that needs to be kept dry (for me that is my camera and my mophie portable phone charger – if you have an iPhone chances are it won’t last the day without running out of battery). I also have another gallon size bag containing a light rain jacket or poncho (think you are too good for ponchos? I did too. Then this happened), and a third, smaller,  ziplock with an extra pair of socks (because: rain).

Back Pack


Section Three: On the Body

You can dress for Disney however you want style-wise, but this is my go-to Hard-Core Disney Day outfit:

Tennis shoes. Listen people, I know you will want to wear sandals – sandals and cute and fun and summery! But you will be walking miles. Literally many miles. You will be walking in rain (or possibly spilled pop) and sandals ten to have less traction than tennis shoes. Ask me how I know this. And yes, sandals will dry faster, but they just don’t provide the support your feet desperately want. So wear some tennis shoes.

Maxi dress or maxi skirt – tank top combo. OK, I am not a shorts girl at all. If you are I imagine you can much go wrong with a pair of shorts and a tank top, but I just never feel comfortable in shorts (plus you will probably be sitting on some hot surfaces throughout the day and that could burn, I’d guess). So I go for a maxi dress or maxi skirt. The material breaths well and dries quickly, so it is ideal.

Cotton leggings. I know “Liz, why add an extra layer nobody will see?” Honestly? It’s a sweaty comfort thing. This is totally up to you. BUT as a bonus, if your maxi skirt gets TOO wet and is past drying, you can take it off and still be pseudo-decent (again, ask me how I know this). But get cotton or something breathable if you go this route.

Sunglasses. These are the same pair you may later put in your back pack.

An updo. Don’t wear your hair down unless it is very short. Unless you really like sweating.

A Magic Band – I hear they are super important now a days.

Limited Jewelry  – I say just some post earrings. Nothing too fancy to get in the way. Because: Sweaty.

On The Body


So that is that, Internet. I know it seems like a lot, but I guarantee that you will be well prepared for anything that Florida might throw at you.

How about you internet? Do you have a theme park packing list? Is there anything on your list that I left out?

Love, Liz




2 Responses to My Disney Must Haves

  1. Nina says:

    Girl do you know Disney or do you KNOW Disney? You KNOW KNOW Disney.

  2. Alex says:

    This post is great, I’ve been planning on what I want to carry and I will definitely be bringing a cross body bag so I can keep my hands free. Plus sneakers… my feet need support after all that walking. Plus I need to bring a camera!

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