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Boy oh boy, it’s been a weekend. Such a weekend that I didn’t have the energy to write this post for Monday. But I’m here now!!

So this past weekend, I took Friday off to run some errands and spend some time with friends I rarely see. Even though it was a three day weekend for me, I got absolutely no extra sleep.

Friday morning I got up early and went to some appointments. After that I went to Whole Foods to meet up with friends for dinner (because Whole Foods has THE BEST dinner bar). They were stuck in traffic for a while, so I got to spend some time reading and catching up on my #shereadstruth. It was wonderful to have a small break in the busyness to read. Plus I desperately needed some coffee.

Once my friends got there we may have accidentally ended up eating three dinners… Like BOSSES. (Part of Dinner #2 can be seen below). We also got to see a show, and just hang out enjoying rack others company. It was magic.

Late that night my good friend, Kayleigh, got into town for a wedding and we stayed up waaaay to late talking.

The next morning we drove into the city to pick up our other friend, Kelly, and then used our remaining time to primp. Once we got all prettied up, we headed to the wedding.

It was a beautiful, Christ-centered wedding and it was so much fun to see our friend walk down the aisle.

Between the wedding and the reception we hit up a coffee shop and then headed out for the dance party!!

The reception was awesome. Kayleigh caught the bouquet, or half caught it. She and another guest ended up catching it at the same time and splitting it up. The festivities got out around 11, at which point we went to a nearby bar for a glass of wine. I hadn’t been with these girls for a long time, and it was so great just to catch up.

We got home around 2 (VERY late for my old lady bones) and got to bed around 3.

The next morning I took Kayleigh to a local breakfast establishment where I had a MACARONI AND CHEESE AND BACON OMELETTE. GUYS. SERIOUSLY.

After that we hit up the target (I may have maybe still needed a Father’s Day gift…) and then Kayleigh had to hit the road.

And then I collapsed for the nap time.

Three hours later I got up and went to celebrate Father’s Day at my dad’s favorite restaurant. Then it was back home, bath, the Fault in Our Stars (I’m trying to prepare my heart to be WRECKED by this book) and bed.

It was a wonderful and very tiring weekend. I’m spending this week trying to catch up on sleep before this weekend when Katie and I will drive to Florida. Oh boy.

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4 Responses to Tuesday Tea | What A Weekend

  1. Nina says:

    I love the whole foods food bar!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Your friend was a beautiful bride! And I cannot get over that bacon mac n cheese omelette.. yum.

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