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Hey Internet! It’s Friday!! Whaaaaa? I do not understand how it is Friday or, more importantly, how it is June. JUNE I TELL YOU! So here are some thingz that are happening:


Yesterday I convinced Marcie and Old Roommate to go on a culinary adventure in the form of a sushi restaurant located next to a 7/11 located within walking distance of my work. It was surprisingly delicious for a sushi restaurant next to a 7/11 across the street from an industrial park! I mean:


Magic Bandz
THEY CAME!!!! In one months time I will be back in Disney with one of these beauties giving me a horrible tan line!!! I haven’t been since all this magic band stuff has gone down, but from what I understand this will be my park ticket, my fast pass and my room key. It also may be used to pay for things? I donno. BUT I CAN’T WAIT!!!


This week I rediscovered listening to my iPod library on shuffle when this happened:

It was pretty much the best mix ever. Some rap, some Broadway, some Audiobook, and (not pictured) a A LOT of Christmas music!


I have been doing a ton of reading lately and this week I finished the Alice Series (I have been reading it on and off since fifth grade and I got a bit emotionally attached). When I finished I had to resist the VERY REAL URGE to re-read the entire Babysitters Club series. I think I need some (at least slightly) more grown up books now. Any good recommendations? I am in the market!



Remember when I did that “What’s in my Purse” post? Yeah… the purse situation has gone downhill since then. I was looking for some meds and work and ended up dumping my whole purse in the process. This is what it looked like (#hotmess):


So there’s that. Also can you tell that I like to replace S’s with Z’s? It’s one of my jamz.

5 on Friday


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Happy weekend Internet!

Love, Liz

4 Responses to Five On Friday | Thingz

  1. Courtney says:

    oh man, I love the magic bands! yes to the tan line though, ha. Ive got an annual and I find the new system to be super convenient, and I kind of didn’t like the fastpass+ bit but after a few uses I am loving it! Have fun at Disney!!

    • Liz says:

      Thanks! I feel you on fastpass+ (the whole category thing they have going on is lame. I want a fastpass for tower AND rockin roller coaster) but I’m excited to see how they’ve rolled out the system!

  2. Girl. I am so with you!! How is it June?!! Crazyy!

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