Resolutions Revisited | I Do Not Understand How It Is June Already

Hey Internet!! I CANNOT believe it’s  June already! And the Resolutions Revisited Link Up is back! Let’s look into my resolutions. As always, my resolutions (made in August- so we are REALLY almost done with my resolution-year – AHH!!) can be found  here, and I am treating this like a competition (to the DEATH) between me and my laziness.

  • Read More Magazines – Eh. Not so much. I got my Real Simple this month. It had a really cute pug on it! And I haven’t read it yet. I made a little progress on my magazine binder, but not enough to call this a victory. (Liz: 0; Laziness: 1)
  • Read More Books – This month I read 9 Alice Books. I do not remember the last time I read this many books in a month. Granted, they are boos for teens, so they are pretty easy, but I still count this as a feat. I just started the LAST book in the series and can’t wait to see how these character’s lives turn out. Win. (Liz: 1; Laziness: 1)
  • Have more consistent quiet times – Doing a bit better recently, but the beginning of the month wasn’t great. This is something I continue to struggle with, and really need to hold myself more accountable. Not a win this month.(Liz: 1; Laziness:2)
  • Be more present in social situations – This was good I think. It is still a struggle not to whip out 2048 (I REALLY need to delete that game), but I think I did really well on this one this month.  (Liz: 2; Laziness: 2)
  • Wear more lipstick – Nope. #loosing. (Liz: 2; Laziness: 3)
  • Decrease my eligibility for the show Hoarders by 50% – I think this went well this month. I tossed/donated a lot both at home and in the office. (Liz: 3; Laziness: 3)
  • Get the rest of my mom’s house clean – I’m calling this a win for the month. We spent some time in the basement this month and have made some progress! (Liz: 4; Laziness: 3)
  • Watch the monies – This was a little rough this month, but I made it and I think I did pretty ok.(Liz: 5; Laziness: 3)
  • Be organized in my life – This goal was one that I really wrestled with last month, and this month was slightly better. I’m still struggling with some things, but doing better. I hope to continue up hill on this one in June. (Liz: 6; Laziness:3)
  • Blog approximately once a week – This is a silly goal now. I always do this. I’m taking this off the list next month – calling it complete (Liz: 7; Laziness: 3)

And moving on to the miscellaneous things I added to the list

  • Take pictures of my room and bathroom and post them already! – Room is posted! Bathroom is not. #halfwin (Liz: 7.5; Laziness: 3.5 )
  • Keep up with my teeth routine –  One day I will half all fake teeth and maybe life will be easier. This month I totally accidentally used toner instead of mouthwash, but at least that means I’m using mouth wash? When it isn’t toner that is…. I’m tired of talking about my teeth internet. So I’m taking off the list as well… And I think this is neither a win nor loss, so no scoring on this point.

Link Up

Nina // Heather 

So there is that internet. The year is almost halfway over! How are your resolutions going internet?! Let me know!

Love, Liz

6 Responses to Resolutions Revisited | I Do Not Understand How It Is June Already

  1. Nina says:

    I cannot believe it’s june. And that I am so behind in life. AHHHHH!

  2. Heather B says:

    Girlfriend. You are totally rockin’ because Neen and I both forgot to do this. UGH. You are seriously the resolution queen right now!

    Heather | Port City Prescription

  3. Seriously though.. where is this year going?! I can’t believe it’s half way done!! I love that one of your goals is to wear more lipstick- that made me smile! 🙂

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