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Hey Internet! Hope you had an amazing weekend!! My BFF Paula (not to be confused with the Bestie – I am a firm believer in “you can have more than one best friend” and these ladies are 2 separate and amazing identities) was in town from Seattle where she is stationed with the Navy. I got to spend some time with her Friday and Sunday and it was fantastic.

On Friday we got some Thai food and made some cookies and strawberry shortcake and fried pickles and had a lot of fun. We watched some Girls and some Portlandia and it was just so fun to see her. I hadn’t seen her since Christmas, and I really miss getting to see her. Since I am an OLD LADY I had to call it a night around 11.

On Saturday, while (idk, my) BFF Paula’s (who remembers that 2008 cell phone commercial? Idk, my bff Jill?!) sister graduated from my alma mater. They had a family day and I slept in hard core then cleaned the kitchen (which was a crazy mess after our Friday night craziness) and watched some Bunheads (one of my all time favorite unappreciated shows. Google it. Watch it. It is like Gilmore Girls with Ballet and I loved it for the one season it as on abcFamily. And I miss it so much I cashed in an itunes gift card to buy it because those bastards never even released it on DVD), and drank some coffee and got some work done that needed doing.

After that headed over to my dad’s house for an impromptu Blackhawks BBQ. We had some great food and awesome drinks, but despite numerous rally shots, the Hawks lost. It was sad, but a good time none the less.

On Sunday I headed over to idkmybffPaula’s house and played some board games with her and her family. Her mom made a turkey dinner and we had some cherry cobbler outside because it was beautiful out! Then we got all the siblings together and taught her sister how to play beer pong (What? We used water instead of beer! Plus it is our responsibility to make sure she is prepared for college!) Fun fact: I am terrible at beer pong… Or water pong… Or ping pong for that matter… The first game idkmybffPaula and I won, but I was only responsible for the first and the last cups – in my defense those are two VERY important cups!… Yeah… I don’t have ANY hand-eye coordination, Internet. Like at all.

After idkmybffPaula and her sister lost water pong TO THEIR PARENTS, I watched as she packed (a new tradition we have) and we stayed up until one talking. It was wonderful and so so needed. What I love most our friendship is that no matter how long it has been we are able to just pick up right where we left off. We also end out laughing so hard every time I see her. Here is just a sampling of the awesome conversation we have:

Me (telling her about the awesomeness that is Gaterland): And they have this place where you can hold a gator and/or a snake! But I only held a gator because I am a wump.

*about 2 minutes of laughing*

idkmybffPaula: I know you meant a wimp and a wuss you don’t have to explain.

*2 more minutes of laughing*

Me: Wump is the new fetch! All the cool kinds are going to start saying it!

And even though I don’t think “wump” is ever going to happen, I think everybody needs a friend who totally understand what you are trying to say even when you are too tired to function.

We didn't take any pictures this weekend, but here is one from the High School.

We didn’t take any pictures this weekend, but here is one from the High School.

idkmybffPaula left on Monday and my mom and I spent the holiday cleaning out the basement and then marathon watching Psych. It was a pretty good weekend. I hope you had a good weekend and are finding yourself well-rested!

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Love, Liz

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  1. You’re hilarious as usual and yes, you can definitely have more than one bestie!

  2. Cari Hall says:

    Tuesday tea. Because its too early for cocktails. I love your idkmybffpaula sorta hashtaging without a hashtag dealy.

  3. Absolutely love everything about this post!

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