Let’s Start a Riot

Hey Internet! As promised, I am here with a story of something that happened at the school my mom works at. Now, not to brag or anything, but the school district I grew up in is pretty hardcore. I went to what was long considered “the bad school” of the district. (For instance, the year before I started high school a girl was waking down the hall and her hair was set on fire. Like you do).

But since leaving the district and going off to college, the “worst school” reputation has been transferred from my school to my mom’s.

I think you will see why.

So, last week my moms school had a full-on race riot. 100%. Hard-core. Race riot. Apparently over the summer a number of Latino students had a disagreement with some black students and things have been escalating since. So, last week, while bathroom fans were bursting into flames at Chicago’s Air Traffic Control Headquarters, a fight broke out in the main office at my mom’s school.

The fight grew and traveled -moving from the main office in a stampede worthy of the Lion King – down two flights of stairs into the cafeteria where over 200 kids had an all out brawl.

This was all during a passing period, and despite a frantic call from the main office after the bell rang (“Teachers – do not let your students out of the classroom! I repeat DO NOT let your students into the hallway”) many kids had already left their classrooms and were in the hallway, ready to play the role of a whole bunch of Mufasas.

People were getting trampled.

My mom had a student who was punched in the face because she was trying to get away from the fight and some guy was trying to get to the fight (that’s right dude. Run with your fists first). Marcie’s mom (who also works at the school) had a student who was sent home and I quote “because her face got smashed in.”

Now, fun fact: even if teachers wanted to get involved and pull kids off of each other, they can’t. It’s not legal. They have to wait for a dean or a police officer to come and break up any fight that breaks out. And clearly this riot called for some major police action.

Enter the over EIGHTY police cars from FIVE separate precincts who came to the rescue. Well… Kind of… They did come to the rescue, but to get to the actual fighting they did have to shove some kids out of the way. I’m not saying that they acted unjustly. I’m just saying that the kids who got hurt by the cops will probably be singing “don’t trust the police – no justice no peace” for a while after this. But frankly, it was probably necessary.

Luckily the police brought the paddy wagons and they began parading students out of the building to take them in for questioning. All in all six students were arrested and, thankfully, no one was seriously hurt – which means that I can tell this story over and over again without feeling guilty!

Because let’s be honest – this story is the closest my life has come to Mean Girls and I fully plan on milking it for all it’s worth.

I mean…. They’ve gone wild!


Love, Liz

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  1. Nina says:

    That is crazy!!!

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