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Hey Internet! Happy Tuesday! You may remember that time my bestie got married. I hope you remember – I talked about it enough. One of my favorite parts of being a bridesmaid was the planning of the parties! And what’s the best way to kick off an awesome party than with KILLER invites?!? For the Mad Men themed bridal shower (you can read about it here) we had a bigger guest list and ended up sending out some really cute e-vites that went with the theme. But for the bachelorette party, the guest list was much smaller – just the bride and her three bridesmaids. Since it was a small affair, it was tempting to go in the casual text/fb message direction to tell all the girls when to be where, but this is plain old no fun. Instead, I went in the opposite direction – completely over the top awesomeness. In what I like to think of as a completely pinterest-worthy move, I put together some champagne (as in real actual alcohol) invites that I wanted to share with you. I am really proud of how these turned out, and hope you can use this idea at some point – because it is pretty fun.

So here we go! Because I am not a DIY blogger, I did not take any before or during pictures. I only have a lot of pictures of the end result, but I think you are all creative enough to use your imaginations on this one and I promise next time I will hire a photographer.

Pinterest Collage - BC


So, for these invites I gathered the following supplies:
Miniature bottles of champagne

  • Mini bottles of wine or champagne
  • Sticky labels
  • Wooden boxes (this may have been the hardest part. I got my boxes at Michaels, but honestly you will probably need to bring the bottle you plan on using with you. Like a total alchy).
  • Wood Paint (I used Martha Stewart Brand)
  • Modpodge
  • Sponge Paint Brushes
  • Cardstock
  • Ribbons of various styles and widths
  • Letter and Number Stickers
  • Glue Gun
  • Seal Stickers
  • Paper Straws
  • Saran Wrap
  • Crinkle Paper Strip Packaging
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Silk Fabric
  • Cardboard Mailers

First I designed the graphics for the invites. I used actually used word (like a total Windows Nerd), but you could use PicMonkey or Photoshop or any other fancy photo editing software if you wanted to be really fancy.

Invite Collage


I used the label as the actual invite – putting the words over the a Sex and the City background I found on Google images. Like you do. I used a chalk board motif for the outside and inside of the boxes, because the bestie was having a number of chalkboard details at the wedding and I thought they would fit nicely.

After that I painted the boxes and modpodged the chalk board graphics onto the top and inside of the top of the box.

Box Collage


Ater the box was done, I set about putting the bestie’s measurements on a cardstock bustier. I cut the shape out of cardstock, used a glue gun to attach some sheer black ribbon around the fancy bits and added some glitter stickers with the bestie’s lingerie sizes. Because one does not simply give away one’s bestie’s intimates sizes away to the whole internet, this is a test bustier. It is not as pretty as the final products, but it follows the bra code, so it is what we are going with



After that I wrapped the labels around the mini champagne bottles and then added a ribbon and seal to the neck. I wrapped the paper straws with saran wrap so that they would be hygienic and tied the saran wrap with ribbons on either side. I lined the box with tissue paper and put some of the crinkle paper in the box and added the straw.

In The Box


After that I wrapped the box in silk and then bubble wrap and boxed them up. I added a bachelorette sash and veil to the bride’s box for something extra for the bride to wear to the party. The invites were a hit and I totally recommend it!

Disclaimer/Fun fact: Listen Internet, putting alcohol in the mail is maybe a federal offense. So, be careful. I don’t know if UPSing alcohol is a federal offense. Just in case it is I will neither confirm nor deny any actions taken to get these packages to the bride and/or other bridesmaids. All I will say is that they got them. And they loved them. No one was harmed. It. Was. Awesome. So, just be aware of the legal implications of these. Hand delivery may be the best option. I’m just saying.

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Love, Liz

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