Five on Friday | Battling the Blahs

Hey Internet! Happy Friday! We made it through another week! It’s crazy to me how fast the weeks are flying by! It’ll be summer (or at least finally spring-like) before we know it!

True life, I’ve had a rough couple of weeks emotionally. I’m gonna share a tiny bit abut that (but only a tiny bit, because today is Friday, and Friday is for dreams). And then show you a few things that have made me happy in the midst of the blahs.


I don’t know if its lack of sleep, a too busy schedule, or the weather changing (which always gives me headaches) but I have been feeling very blah the past few weeks. Lots of headaches, lots of weekend naps, lots of just not wanting to do anything at all. I’m trying to eat well and get enough sleep, but there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day. I decided to try to get up a bit early and exercise, but one day into that plan I got the cramps and that has been put on hold for about a week. It’s just been rough trying to get anything done this week and I am hoping the weekend will serve as a good time to rest up. That may be it will serve as a reset button of sorts and next week I can hit the ground running again. My fingers – they are crossed.


2048 is awesome. It is also ruining my life. Not like how TLC was ruining my life. I actually think this is worse. TLC was abstractly ruining my life. 2048 is concretely ruining it. Does anybody else have this app? It’s a game where you combine numbered tiles and I. Am. Addicted. I think I am going to need to delete it. I will tell myself “ok. I will just play one game” and two hours later I will have no idea what just happened. I’ve had to do this before – quit games cold turkey. Bejeweled was a real problem for a while. I started having dreams about matching jewels together and knew I had a problem. I deleted Candy Crush off of my phone because it was basically Bejeweled with candy. I need to just learn my lesson and stop playing games like this.  They are like Regina George – life ruiners. They ruin people’s lives… Or at least people like me..

I'm not even that good.

I’m not even that good.


This Picture.
One of my coworker’s daughters is selling pizza for a fundraiser. The order form is posted on our office fridge along with this note (pictured below with thir names cleverly disguised). It reads: “This is a fundraiser  for *daughter’s name* (*coworkers names*’s daughter) It’s for cheer leading. We’ve informed *daughter* if she doesn’t sell enough pizzas she will be put up for adoption. We also put both her sisters on notice! Thanks, *coworker*”

Note in Disguise

This note made me laugh a lot.

Cinco De Mayo.
We had a Cinco De Mayo potluck at work this week and I have basically been surviving on pork quesadillas and/or nachos since Monday. It’s a good problem to have. A good good delicious problem.

This made me happy.
So in my quest to battle the blahs, I found this video and it made me so so happy:

AND IT IS ON SPOTIFY AND ITUNES!!! And it turns out that Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox may be my new favorite thing in the world. After a week of blah this music has made me so so happy. Isn’t it amazing how music can do that? You all need to go listen to the entire Twist is the New Twerk album. Like now. I mean:


5 on Friday

So how was your week, Internet? What do you do to battle the blahs? Let me know! Thanks to AprilDarciChristina, and Natasha  for hosting!

Love, Liz

5 Responses to Five on Friday | Battling the Blahs

  1. Nina says:

    I really want guacamole.

  2. Alex says:

    I’m so mad I didnt do any Cinco De Mayo celebrating this week because I’ve been seriously craving mexican food! I think burritos this weekend is a must!

  3. Jamie says:

    love your beating the blahs tips.. I know the feeling… My starbux skinny latte is sometimes my best friend 🙂

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