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Hey Internet! Happy Friday! I am feeling so much more well rested this week! It is amazing what an extra hour of sleep in the morning will do for a girl!

This week was pretty crazy (I think that is going to be a big ole’ theme for the next few months – but I’m trying to make it a priority to be here).

Lets see…


This week in my resolutions revisited post for April, I ended up having a catharsis. I both love and hate that word – but mostly love for right now. Anyway, with all the stuff I have going on I was really struggling to prioritize and to find joy in doing all the things I’m doing and instead was just feeling bogged down by a giant to-do list that is made up of a ton of things I genuinely love. Since that post, I have been really thinking about how I spend my time and trying to get deeper into the word. It’s a process and sometimes I feel like I’m on an Express Struggle Bus, but it is going and I feel good about it.

On Wednesday I had a coffee date turned dinner date with Marcie and then a great phone date with the bestie. It was great to just catch up with them and talk a bit about all the stuff going on.  ANDPLUSALSO Marcie and I ended up going to an AWESOME restaurant. It’s called Pita BBQ, and looks a little sketch outside, but the inside is nice and the food is AMAZING! We got falafels and a chicken wrap that was amazing, I want to go to there everyday.

After months and months I finally posted pictures of my room. I am pretty frackin’ proud of it, and if you want to see where I’ve been spending as much time as possible you can check out this post.

Bedroom Insta

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink
So Wednesday was the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls’ release. Guess who forgot to wear pink? This girl. Don’t worry. My coworkers made sure to point out my mistake.

I think my favorite thing about this email was the subject line: “You”

I think my favorite thing about this email was the subject line: “You”

Lets go to the mall today!
Last night I went to the mall and got dinner with Old Roommate and Marcie.  It was a lot of fun. Mostly because I was hardcore riding the struggle bus. I am still pretty tired and going to the mall right after work required way more coffee than I had consumed. It made for a night filled with trying on shoes and asking the woman at Macy’s if the mall had a starbucks (it didn’t!) and discussing what’s the matter with kids today over some BDubs. It was just a silly fun time that included this:


Clearly Old Roommate NEEDS to be in shoe ads.

p.s. at the end you can hear her start to say “there’s people!” it gets cut off but it makes me laugh so hard.

5 on Friday

Thanks as always to AprilDarciChristina, and Natasha for hosting! Have a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Love, Liz

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  1. Love your room, nothing better than a cozy room! And ahhh Mean Girls 🙂 Love it!

  2. Nina says:

    You make me laugh in the best way!

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